Inspirational Monday: Executing Best-Laid Plans

Send Inspirational Ecards“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” -Robert De Niro

How often have you laid out plans only to see them fold up in a haze of confusion? More important than the plan, if you ask me, is the timing of the plan. There’s no point in thinking out a great full-proof plan only to realize that it’s become obsolete because the time is not suitable anymore. If you have a problem on your hands that has to be addressed, the best way to go about it is to make a plan that is not too complicated. Simple plans are the best ones when it comes to execution. It’s a great help if all your worries are taken care of at the planning stage.

You have to be confident of your plan. If you don’t believe in it, nobody will. You have to be sure that the points on your agenda page are achievable. As I said, timing is of great importance. You could be facing some problems from quarters that you didn’t expect. These variables will always be there, and there’s nothing you can do to cancel them out. At the same time, you cannot make them stalemate your plans and take you to a dead end. The trick is to take these in your stride and move on. Have you made plans that went awry? What did you do then? Chime in.


4 thoughts on “Inspirational Monday: Executing Best-Laid Plans

  1. Most of the times my plans turn out to be imperfect, but the final outcome in the long run is always better than the initial one as I believe in flexibility.
    There is a wall hanging in my house which says ‘life is what happens while we make plans’
    Yes I agree with you that we should move on with whatever we wish to do no matter what curveballs life throws at us.

  2. I make plans all the time, yet it seems like almost 90% of the plans failed.
    Still, whether the plans failed or not, I will keep on continuing to plan as to have plans that might failed is better than fail to plan.
    And it’s important to have faith as well.

  3. No matter how perfect a plan may looks, something always goes wrong. The Murphy’s law is right. I believe in flexibility too, and often I find it works better than the original plan.

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