Tragedy At Tampa

Send Inspiration EcardsThe news circuit is agog with the facts coming in about the NFL players who were in the boat that overturned off the west coast of Florida. The survivor of this tragedy, Nick Schuyler, told the Coast Guards that his friends on the boat took off their life vest after surviving in the frozen water for hours. This is a show great grit and determination by Nick who hung on to the overturned boat for nearly 48 hours. The other players on the boat were Marquis Cooper (Oakland Raiders linebacker), Corey Smith (NFL defensive lineman) and William Bleakley (South Florida player).

The accounts that Nick has narrated to the Coast Guards are shocking and chilling. The players who got thrown off the 21-foot Everglades boat had life-vests, but they could not keep them on because of the cold. Nick recollected how the other players took off the life-vests and disappeared under water. Schuyler showed immense survival instincts by hanging on to the life-vest. One of these players were scheduled to be available for football practices in the following week. Such is life. There may be a life-changing event waiting to happen at the next corner and while you stroll into it, your life changes for ever. If you have any such instances that you would like to share with us, you can chime in.


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