When a Friend Loses a Job

Send Business EcardsThese are tough times friends. Due to the fragile economy, many people are running out of jobs. Megan lost her job. Though she is doing well for herself now, it’s not a shared luck with most people who have lost jobs. You might have a friend who has lost his or her job. You might be wondering how to face up to them or what to say to them once you meet them. I have wondered about this a lot myself and concluded that no matter how tactful you might be, this is critical.

If you asked me, the best thing to do is to be normal, but not indifferent. Let it be unspoken that you are with him or her, and don’t force your ‘cheer up’ words down an unwilling throat. Be a strong, silent support and when your friend opens up, do what you can. That’s what I did and it did a world of good to our friendship. If you have better ideas, you cannot get a more eager listener! Write to me.


7 thoughts on “When a Friend Loses a Job

  1. Hey Bob,

    I have friends who have lost jobs. We meet and talk as if nothing has happened. Life still goes on and we move along. If they want to talk about it, we share our experience. If they do not, let it be. As friends, we are part of the “good old times”. We share the happy moments but we respect each other’s territory.

  2. I agree with you Bob. When one loses job, the worse thing is self pity or pity from other people. The person need to pick up from where he or she falls and be himself or herself again. To be a true friend, let your friend feels he or she is the same as before in your eyes. Bob, I think you have done a great job.

  3. It is a difficult time at the moment with the economic crisis. It is not easy for everyone. Things have to be done on a larger scale, for example, by the government.

  4. I agree with the above two. You really don’t need to shower a great deal of concern lest it will make your friend feel more miserable. Jusy be yourself, treat the person as you always did, as if nothing has changed n it will automatically turn to be a healing touch. Just assure them that you are there in these tough times too as you’ve always been in the happier times. An important thing one needs to ensure here is to avoid giving an impression of being too ignorant. Lend your shoulder if they want to cry n act the way they want you to act. Just a silent assurance of your presence might prove to be sufficient I guess.

  5. loosing a job is not the worst thing that can happen in life. maybe it can be an occasion to start everything anew. the importance is to believe in ourselves and in the help of those you love.

  6. I agree… and for me, this is hard to be ..a listener, only. Especially if the person I am listening to is a close person that I care for very much.

  7. If they can’t pay the rent then its a huge issue. You think its akward for you but the person who lost the job is even more embarassed and may withdraw from friends to avoid the humiluation of not being able to pay for a night out.

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