Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Send A Greeting Card!

Send Stay in Touch Greetings!I always wondered why one should send a greeting card. There are many reasons, but everybody has a different reason. We are here producing cards for you all day and night and we wonder sometimes why you send them to your loved ones.

And we always come up with different reasons and possibilities. May be it differs from person to person. All that said, I thought of listing out the scenarios. I could have gone on for a million reasons, but thought of keeping it short and cute to only 10 of them. Hope you can identify with them.

1. You miss someone so much and want to say it in so many words, but find it appropriate to send a greeting card with the emotions you feel right now.

2. You always want to tell your friend how much he or she means to you but could never do that face to face. So, you send a card to make him feel special.

3. It’s birthday time for someone near and dear to you.

4. You want to be in touch with your family and let them know you care.

5. You want to show your happiness and acknowledge the occasions of anniversary, wedding etc. of your dear and near ones and partake in it even though you are far.

6. It’s Spring time and you have to share some joy.

7. You want to inspire a student or a colleague to do better and you send a card.

8. You jus’ want to say good morning and have a great day to pep up someone’s day.

9. You want to send a joke and make someone smile.

10. You send a card to a good number of people just to keep in touch.

You know the best thing about sending a greeting card?

It doesn’t hurt anyone. Ever.

Instead, it always brings smiles on the face of the sender and receiver.

Go send some love and make them smile.

Good day.


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