I Love You.

Send Love Greetings!World is round. Oxygen is life. Robots are the new humans.

Progression of life throws up interesting revelations and amazing inventions. And that happens both in a philosophical arena and the physical world.

Newton understood and told us all about gravity when an apple fell on his head.

Alexander Graham Bell invented something that we can’t live without today – the telephone.

Steve Jobs made it look cool.

Bill Gates did what no one else thought of; he got us the Windows and the PCs.

And then there was Einstein, who made us see light when it was dark.

Internet happened. Flights took off. Space shuttle went about exploring space. Microwave made lives easier and refrigerators kept things cool.

War is now fought on computers rather than on the field.

Flowers are blooming inside offices and paper is being recycled. Rights group fight to save the forests and forests give wood to make designer furniture. Kids are growing up fast. Men are retiring early. Women work harder than the men and are ruling the world as they should be. Cars are compact and luxurious. Cruises are spacious and safe. Movies are made with millions and earn in billions. Television brings in more breaking news than newspapers.

There is still poverty and there are still rich people.

Irony galore and that is our world.

All that’s said and all that’s done being apart a three word phrase is what the world wants to hear.

I love you.

Forget the age of this earth we live on, forget the inventions and discoveries, forgot those two world wars and three more now, forget all that… One thing remains constant… Happiness happens when love happens.

Say those words that everyone wants to hear…

I love you.

Say that with a hug and you will make it extra special.


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