Customer Care – A Little Story To Pep Up Your Day!

Send a Friendship CardThis one involves Ron, my good ol’ buddy. He is a tech guy and he has stories to tell. Here’s one straight from the horse’s mouth.

Ring. Ring.

Ron: “Hello, MSM Tech Customer Care and I’m Ron, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hey, this is Will, I’ve bought a new computer, you know, the desktop one, but got a problem”.”

Ron: “Sure, Will. Tell me, what’s the problem?”

Customer: “Well, for starters, the computer wouldn’t start.”

Ron: “Have you plugged in right and switched on the CPU?”

Customer: “Of course, I plugged in, but by God, they never told me about the CPU. Is that a remote one?”

Ron (painfully patient): “No, Will. It’s the almost rectangular bulky one that has a few knobs or switches on it. You got to switch it on there.”


Customer: “Gee, I never knew. Thanks it’s open now. I can hear the sound and now the screen is on. Great.”

Ron: “Okay. Please open a window and you can use the internet and browse.”

Customer: “Sure.”

A big pause.

Customer: “Yes I did.”

Ron: “What do you see?”

Customer: “Lawn and my garage.”


It was reported later, that colleagues found Ron banging on his monitor head-first for exactly 15 minutes. Non-stop.

Did I make you smile?


3 thoughts on “Customer Care – A Little Story To Pep Up Your Day!

  1. Bob you are right. We all need friends. They are the support, the inspiration, the helping hands. They give us a pull when we are in sinking sand. Stay in touch with friends and we would never be alone.

  2. Good blog, Bob. I agree that anything extreme is problematic and needs to be double-checked. I’d say especially in younger people who haven’t discovered who they really want to be in this world. When they do know, they will certainly want to be the ‘best’ at it. If it turns they want to be a teacher, that’s great. But if it turns out they want to change society as we know it, there is trouble.

    I like to send greetings to my family as often as possible. Thanks for the reminder.

    Loral O

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