Rick’s Mardi Gras Road Trip

Send Mardi Gras EcardsRick’s Mardi Gras trip was one of its kind. After days of planning and convincing Kaitlin that everything would be according to her wishes, he set out with the best intentions in mind. While driving the earthy Texan in him started to unfurl and he forgot all about cares, worries and also the promises he made to Kaitlin! The nice breeze did it for him, I guess. But anyway, his trouble started the moment he became carefree. He blared hard country music. That was fine with Kaitlin because she likes it too. Then the add-on: he started singing along. Then he did the unthinkable. He wanted to have a drink.

Now if there’s anything that Kaitlin is very particular about, it’s not mixing drinking and driving. She refused to sit in the car if he had even one swig of the bottle. Rick insisted and one thing led to another and soon they were fighting. I was not surprised till this part. Then on it was just bad luck. He ran out of gas and Kaitlin had a terrible headache because of all the music. Rick tried his best to make her feel better but it only made things worse. They could hardly take part in the Mardi Gras festivities and came back without much of a fanfare. Sad, things are not going poor Rick’s way at all. Would you like to send him a message?


One thought on “Rick’s Mardi Gras Road Trip

  1. B. Tell Rick, I feel for him, but Kaitlin is right, one should not drink and drive. I do think that Kaitlin could ease up a bit about partying. Rick was psyched about Mardi Gras and if there is one thing about Mardi Gras, it’s extremes: loud music, wild dancing, drinking, partying. If Kaitlin isn’t in to that then she should not have gone. They both have to work it out. Once they cool down, they can talk about it all like two adults. Actually, they should have discussed first before heading to New Orleans, then perhaps this upset wouldn’t have occurred.

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