‘The Women Tell All’

Send Love EcardsNatalie, Steve’s mystery friend, loves watching episodes of The Bachelor. Steve, who’s picked up a lot of stuff in the recent months, including changing diapers, is hooked to the stories and the drama in The Bachelor. He recited a couple of names from The Bachelor episodes as well that stunned Donna and me! A true-blue techie that Steve is, it was more than shocking to hear him talk about ‘bachelorettes’. While I rolled my eyes and looked at Donna, she was desperately trying to stifle a giggle. Steve continued to say that he was looking forward to watch the ‘Women Tell All’ episode. So the news really surprised us and we wanted to hear more about how this change happened.

I spoke first, “Are you okay Steve?” Steve smiled wryly, “Yeah mate, I know what ya mean. What’s this bloke talking about, right? But I really want to do something that I have never done. For her and also for myself.” Hmm, that’s more explanatory that you can ever expect of a geek like Steve. But, as Donna and we talked about later, it was good that he was beginning to see the world beyond his cubicle, though we still doubted if watching episodes of The Bachelor was looking at a world beyond! But sometimes we do miss our geek friend. He was so much fun back then.

Do you have a friend who changed when they were touched by love? Share with us.


3 thoughts on “‘The Women Tell All’

  1. I’ve had one friend in particular who went the route of emersing her every being into her then boyfriend, now husband. She stayed out of touch with her friends and forgot to invest in herself. Now, their marriage is hurting because she has low self esteem, specifically because of the 100+ lbs that she gained.

    The point here, is that in order to fall head-over-heels, one must remember not to lose sight of all of the important things that love stands for in our lives. The love for our children, our family, our friends, as well as our significant others.

    Love is beautiful, but that delicate balance can become unhealthy if you do not keep everything within scope.

  2. I agree with Ingrid. One must maintain his or her own circle, business and life in any relationship. A healthy relationship should nurture and not torture.

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