Do You Like Sheer Bliss?

Send Cute EcardsAfter her success with the strawberry ice-cream, Megan was extremely keen to repeat her success.. She wanted to treat Rachael as well, this time around. Last time, Rachael complained to her and she was very concerned about it. She called the three kids to her place and set about doing it. Her aim was to make ice cream that was similar to the Sheer Bliss vanilla flavor that also has a pineapple swirl. The children were all excited and wanted to help her in any way they can. She didn’t allow them to help her. She called them over only when she was done with it. The reviews of her effort has come in.

Though the ice cream was not exactly Sheer Bliss in quality or smoothness, it was delicious anyway. But one of them confided to me on conditions of strict anonymity that the pineapple swirl was way off the mark! This informer tried to avoid having the swirl and dug deep into the vanilla portions. That’s okay, by Megan’s standard! At least she got the major part right. She might have messed up both, you know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being mean. But Sheer Bliss is sheer bliss and Megan still has a long way to go. Here’s to you, Megan!

Do you like ice creams? What is your favorite flavor?


3 thoughts on “Do You Like Sheer Bliss?

  1. B. I absolutely love ice cream. My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip. When I was a little girl, back in the 60’s during the summer, my grandfather, Ivan,in upstate Pennsylvania, used to take me and my brothers and sisters to a neighborhood corner store where they sold Eskimo Pies- mint ice cream coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. Was an ice cream bar. I loved these. Really delicious, cool and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. So to this day, I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. L.

  2. Chocolate. I’m the person who goes to Baskin Robins, with all 31 flavors just beckoning to me, and I get plain chocolate. My family and friends like to tease me about it, but hey! Chocolate is amazing! ^-^

  3. I love Haagen Dazs Mango Sorbet .Cooking a successful recipe is a process. It doesn’t end once you have cooked a successful dish. Neither does it end when you succeed in achieving the desired results from your recipe.On the eve of Women’s day, I appreciate Megan for her efforts and hope she has more fun experimenting!

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