International Monetary Fund’s Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of alleged sexual assault.

Send have a great day card to your loved oneInternational Monetary Fund’s Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with attempted rape, a grave criminal act. He was also charged for unlawful imprisonment. The lady in question, a housekeeper, had accused him of attacking her. She works for Manhattan Hotel.

Why is this big news?

That’s because International Monetary Fund is the one that helps out struggling economies all around the world when they are in crisis. Basically, everyone… I mean, countries look up to this one for advice and funds. When the morality of the chief of the same is in question, there is bound to resentment and uproar.

When you are at a position of strength, it is important to respect the power and channel the power to good use. This human frailty is only human. It doesn’t come with education, culture or high position. The power to refrain is far tougher than the power to commit excess.

Tiger Woods is another example of power and excess. Bad news spreads quickly too. Anyone and sundry, who never followed golf, religiously followed Tiger’s scandal. Almost no one knew of IMF’s chief until today.

An act of good passes whisper and a bad deed spreads like wild fire. A powerful man lives in a glass house. He wouldn’t pass muster as long as he is doing his job, but if there is any dirty laundry then the whole world will start watching with a microscope.

An emotional vacuum and lack of love could lead to a person going ashtray. It might be told that a support system should be in place for those who are scrutinized 24×7.

There is no worse crime than cheating the followers who look up to you as a role model.

You kill a generation’s hope, not a person’s.

Live, love and inspire.


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