What Is Talent Without Recognition?

Send have a great day card to your loved oneA nondescript man sat at the Metro of Washington DC with his guitar. He started strumming the strings slowly and then picked up pace and produced music that is simple genius. The whole area was bustling with people. Some listened, some moved on. They had chores to do. They had a life to live. And there was this heart-string pulling music.

This guy did his act for over 45 minutes. A few stopped to listen and a few threw in some dollars. He collected a grand sum of $32.

What’s interesting about this story that was reported in The Washington Post a few years ago?

Well, the person in question was Joshua Bell! One of the most revered guitarists in the world. A few days ago he had a concert in Boston where every seat cost the audience $100. And all the seats were sold and there were a lot many who were disappointed to not be in attendance when the maestro played.

He played the same music that he played in the concert as he did in the Metro of Washington DC. If anything, he played better.

People identify talent only if it is in the right place and at the right time. The platform one chooses defines the audience and recognition.

There is no recognition without talent. There is no success without the right platform.

Folks, moral of the story is if you have talent make sure you sell it at the right place. On the aside, always lend an ear to anyone at any place if the music is worth listening to or a product is worth its worth.

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