A Million Good Things!

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Me, myself… Your good ol’ Bob! First things first, apologies to one and all! Took a cruise and did a Columbus. Fun ride, alright, but missed you guys… Really!

Liz Taylor passed away, earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan and Libya is in trouble. Bad, sad things happening around… Well, frankly, I was a bit depressed reading about these things day in and day out. I was cussing and ranting about how the world has gone for dogs and all this and that. Aaliyah heard me out and said, “Bob, let’s take a stroll!”

I said, “What?”
Aaliyah, “Yes, lets jus’ go for a walk in the park… Will lighten your mood.” When did I say no to her? Tell me. She does that to me. I am sure I would be the grumpiest person to have ever walked the park.

Once there, I got tripped by a kid. He should be 3 years old. He had something like Larry King’s suspenders on. I was on the grass seething with anger and stared a fiery one at the kid. That lil’ devil made eye contact with me and threw an innocent toothless smile. He rocked back and forth holding on to his suspenders and jerked forward for a fall. I broke his fall by grabbing him inches off the ground and stood him straight. Kissed him on the forehead and patted his back to buzz him off to play.

Aaliyah gave me a hand and I got up straight. Looked around… There were couples canoodling, kids playing around, breeze light, twilight scenic and a warm hand in mine. It was Aaliyah’s. I gave it a squeeze… Stole a peek and saw her eyes smile.

The world was still the same, as it was half an hour ago. All the bad things are still happening. But there are a million better things that keep us going.

Count them. Live them.

Now, know what… A lot of things have changed here in 123greetings too while I was away… for starters, we have got the Quick Send in the Home Page. That’s the little magnifying glass symbol on the thumb displayed there. I don’t want you guys to go clicking around all through the website. Just click on Quick Send, fill in the necessary details and send some love to your friend, colleague, love or family. Tell me how that works for you!

And yes, I want you to share with me the little things that happen around you or happen to you that makes life worth living.
Talk to me.



2 thoughts on “A Million Good Things!

  1. B. I love America even with all its faults. It is freedom here. My parents escaped a country that was persecuting their families. I am so fortunate to be in America. But feel we need to get a handle on all these wars. Too many are dying on both sides. L.

  2. I always thought that one single bullet for each dictator and a brave/mad individual, arab or not, a good shooter would be enough to avoid the deaths of so many youngsters who could enjoy the world and fill their future. I still wonder why this GREAT idea hasn´t come to ny of the big men´s minds!!

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