Pet Puppy Blown Away!

Send Pets EcardsThis one’s really brought across a smile on my face. An eight-month old Chihuahua got blown away in a gust of wind! The owners of little Tinker Bell found her in the woods, hungry but not hurt in a major way. When I told this news to Adrian, he was amused too. He picked Kong to extend his joke!

He asked Kong, who’s a zillion times heavier than Tinker Bell, “Would you like to fly as well, Kong?” I don’t know what Kong understood; he wagged his tail, turned and went off to sleep! “Even Kong has no time for my drivel!” Adrian complained and continued reading. The incident is really bizarre, isn’t it? Have you experienced an incident in your life which left you bewildered and amused at the same time? Let’s find out who has the most unusual story to share with us. The best story may get published on my newsletter! So write in quick…


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