Simon Cowell And American Idol

Send Everyday EcardsAdrian feels that American Idol is the only show where a judge is more in the news than the contestants. And the judge in question is, of course, Simon Cowell. Love him or hate him, you have to have an opinion on him. Through the eight seasons, Simon Cowell has been a figure much feared, much talked about. Adrian feels that Simon Cowell’s attitude prepares the American Idol contestants to be ready for the big bad world outside. For Adrian, he’s more of a necessary evil. How does Simon Cowell come across to you? Do you think he says all he does to grab headlines or he has an underlying motive? Write in.


4 thoughts on “Simon Cowell And American Idol

  1. I love Simon Cowell; I think he can be arrogant, and self centred, but he does tell it how it is.. I would much rather have it straight than be given false hopes.. but then no one can give you false hopes but yourself..

    Doesnt matter, Simon Cowell is who he is, and we either accept or we dont, im not sure why “WE” make him the big star by speaking of him, writing about him and always having sometingg to say about him.. that’s why he is in the news more than anyone else… In saying all that, the man has extreme talent.. has anyone bothered to find out what Simon is really all about…..

    Just bit of a challenge for some..

  2. Here’s my 2 cents. People talk about simon because he doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, he’s honest!! and some people don’t seem to appreciate that, which start debates on how good or bad of a judge he is. Well my opinion… he’s awesome! I don’t think he does it to make the headlines, Simon is Simon, the kind of person I can easily respect, and he’s the same on all the shows he judges, I know of 3 shows, maybe there’s more I don’t know.

    I agree with Rhonda, I love Simon Cowell as well, he is real. His comments are sometimes harsh, but lets be honest, he gives it straight.

    A lot of people complain about Simon’s comments, but have you noticed that he rarely laughs at contestants, even when it’s painful to hear, he still respects them, and that’s on American Idol, the X-Factor or BGT (Britain’s Got Talent). Ya ok, he did laugh on a very few occasions, but lets be serious, who wouldn’t? Compared to others, he can keep a straight face.

    His negatives comments are not the only ones he gives, when someone is good, he tells them as well and those are very nice comments.

    I think he’s perfect as a judge for those talent shows, he knows his thing.

  3. dont care for Simon Cowell BUT if he leaves and they hire that shock-jock filthy HOWARD stern guaranteed we and many others we know, WILL NOT BE WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL.
    he is just too filthy, sleezy, stupid , for that show. tks

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