Our Privacy Threatened

Send Everyday EcardsDonna is a privacy freak. She is very particular about her private life and keeps, as they say, the cards close to the chest. She was appalled to read a news item in the New York Times which reported that the National Security Agency intercepted more emails and phone calls than they were allowed by the U.S. Congress. She was very vocal about it as well, “How can they do that? Isn’t there any privacy for us anymore? Anyway we have been compromising on that for reasons of security.” Do you think she’s right on this? Do you feel your privacy is being threatened in the name of security? Have your voice heard.


3 thoughts on “Our Privacy Threatened

  1. B. “Big brother is watching you.” George Orwell’s, “1984”, is coming true bit by bit. Yes, my privacy is and has been threatened by security. L.

  2. The way I see it is this: I don’t feel that my privacy has been threatned due to the fact that anything I talk about on the phone (or email orIM) to my friends ain’t worth hiding, or being ‘privte’ about.
    If I’m not breaking the law, or talking about doing something illegal, or criminal, why should I care who’s listening?? The way I see it, the only people that are concerned or mad about someone else listening in on their convo are people that got something (criminal) to hide and be ‘private’ about.
    I don’t have nothing to be ashamed about or scared about when I talk on the phone or use some other form of communication. So why should Icare if “they’re” listening in?

  3. I think it’s not so important since it’s done for the sake of national security and after all it’s not as threatening to our privacy as when our emails and phone calls are checked by pe0ple who know us personally.

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