Welcoming Christmas

Send Christmas Tree Light Day EcardsI know you’ve heard about “A Christmas Carol”, but have you heard about “a Christmas proposal”? It’s President-elect Obama’s stimulus plan. He plans to create or preserve about 3 million jobs over the next two years. Do you think it’ll work? I know one of my friends will be contributing to the economy very soon. That’s Irina. She’s been waiting for the big after Christmas sale 2008! She’s really excited because she’s been curbing her Christmas spending this year. Are you doing the same? How are you doing that? And let me just take the time here to thank all those bloggers out there who are reviewing our site so folks can save money this Christmas.

There are some Christmas preparations being done on other sides as well. Although they’ve put up the Christmas tree and all, my young friends, Ethan and Emily are still ‘debating’ over how to decorate the Christmas tree. It’s driving Donna nuts. Ethan and Emily each have their own ideas and plans on how to decorate the Christmas tree. And they can’t agree on anything. Ethan liked the Christmas tree lights that they had over last Christmas, but Emily thinks they look too flashy now. Donna made them arrive at a compromise: she got them a few new ones, and told them to use both sets. Donna really has patience to negotiate with them. If it were me, I’d have got them an entire set or nothing!

Did you decorate your Christmas tree with lights? If not, today’s the day. Only one day to go all you procrastinators, get cracking!


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