An Inspirational Story From Kansas

Send Inspiration EcardsHere’s a very inspiring story, folks. Joe Steffy, of Kansas, is an entrepreneur with a turnover that can be the envy of many self-made men. But that’s not the amazing part. It’s this: he is autistic and non-verbal, and also suffers from Down Syndrome. But he has made it in life with his sheer grit and determination and proved himself to be a real life hero. He doesn’t live off the Social Security disability payments.

His parents are proud of him, especially because it was physically demanding on Joe’s part to set up and run his firm Poppin’ Joe’s Kettle Korn. But they, as a family, decided to stick it out rather than complain about it all along. I was so thrilled to read his story. Occasionally, there’s a hero among ordinary folks. Real inspirational stories about human achievements inspire people more than hours of motivating talks can. You may be knowing someone who’s made it in life despite shortcomings. Feel free to share that story with me. It will definitely inspire many others.


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  1. B. Several years ago, I had a student in my art class who brought her daughter in one day to draw with us. Her daughter was 10 years old. She sat close to her drawing table. I gave a drawing demonstration with charcoal on white sketch paper. She sat patienlty and quietly while I gave my drawing lesson. After, my students began to draw. This little girl moved a bit away from her drawing table, brought up her right foot and drew with it. I was so surprised. It was then I noticed, she had no fore arms and hands. Her mother, my student, said her daughter was born without full arms and hands and had learned to draw with her feet. I was so moved by this. Her drawings were really observant of the subject matter, putting in much detail and texture along with having such an expressive, heart felt style. The entire class was inspired by her. I shall never forget that day. L.

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