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Send Love EcardsFalling in love is not as difficult as staying in love is. Your love life is not isolated from the daily trials that life bring to you. How do you go about accommodating these factors in your love life? There will be tough times and there will be the happy ones. Couples all over the world figure out their own ways to keep their love life alive and kicking. A relationship, somewhat like food, cannot prepare itself. You have to do it. And work at it every day.

Take my neighbor Eleanor’s example. They have a very simple way of keeping the romance going in their lives. She and Frank head off for a short picnic every alternate weekend. That’s their quality time together and it keeps them connected. Simple ways to reach out to your loved one always work and when your action brings about a twinkle in their eyes, that joy can hardly be paralleled. If there are romantic survival strategies unique to your love life, how about sharing some of them with us? What other things do you think Eleanor should do to jazz up her love life? What you suggest may just click for her or for other couples reading this!


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  1. I enjoy every minute my boyfriend is with me. It does not have to be anything special because every moment is memorable with him.

  2. A romantic weekend out of town would be nice, although i think that you don’t really need a lot of things when the feelings are there and are shared by both with the same tension.Just being together and there for each other should be enough.Even small things like flowers and cards mean a lot and especially when they are not expected.

  3. B. I think taking trips together all around the world. Try taking the train across country instead of an airplane. Or driving across the country and staying in little cheap hotels, motels and visit all the towns along the way. Plan a picnic together in a nearby park , beach or riverside. Have you and your partner create the picnic lunch together. Choose a fine wine, bring beer in an ice cooler. Include bread and cheese, fruit, fried chicken, sandwiches, potato chips, pretzels, all kinds of finger food. I found bringing sushi is really easy. Bring a nice big snuggly blanket that you and your friend can sit as well as lie down on for lots of hugs and kisses. Hand holding is essential. No, mandatory at a picnic. Take photographs or draw, paint the landscape or each other! Take in the sun, the grass, the trees, the water. It is all there for you both. L.

  4. Hello,

    I wish to share something that is my life and many others too, that started their love relationship in Vzones.

    My now husband Diogenes’s Mother said it best “You found love of each other as friends which is by a deep friendship first via experiences and time shared in DS that has bloomed into a real long lasting LOVE” She went on to explain that long ago…many found love communicating throught letters.

    I have to believe and agree with this as the most uncomfortable moment was meeing in the physical. We loved each other from the inside out and not the reverse. We have been married for 8yrs in November. We were married in DS prior to that time. Our relationship changes as we get older in physical ways and the things we respond to living in the real world but our love has and will NEVER change or need spicing up <as is said so often” because our relationship was never based on the physical things or what others would call changes.

    I am still today the very same person he met one day playing cards and shortly afterwards was directed to DS when WRIF Radio Listeners came to Kymer. My heart Jumps a Beat every time I think of how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful and loving husband!

    He shows his love daily with hidden sticky notes that I find that say different things to me and he wants me to see myself through his eyes. I am convinced that others that have over years communicated through letters or internet first, develop a freindship or Loveship in a very real way that this world will NEVER understand.

    I speak for myself but represent MANY Vzoners that without looking, developed real relationships based on truth long before they ever met physically.

    Thank You Vzones! You have quite literally opened up the doors for others to start seeing and feeling in their hearts without the typical interferances suffered by Grab and Drop relationships in Real World today that were perhaps never formed a real foundation for their relationship could stand firm upon.

    I Thank God every day for him and other blessings in my life. Most have met US in gatherings and know who we are and others don’t because I just returned to DS after ten yrs.


  5. Surely it is nice to have time together for couples. However, this is not so easy for busy couples. My partner is a busy businessman and he wants to expand his company. Although he has to travel a lot, he always tries to get me something special. I really appreciate that but I would rather he spends the time to have a rest which is so precious and rare for him. Sometimes couples do not have to do anything special to be happy. The feeling of togetherness, in any storms of life, is special and unique in itself. I would prefer my partner to save the time and money for himself.

  6. I used to think I have a demanding lady as she seems to interested in everything she comes across. Then one day she tells me she does not want everything. She shows her interest because she thinks I am interested. It is important to communicate the feelings of each other clearly if one do not want any mistakes.

  7. For me and my husband, it does not matter whether we have any romantic time because with each other around every minute we are spending is romantic.

  8. Hey,
    I am of the opinion that couples dont have to go all out all the time, whether to dinner in a fancy expensive restaurant. they can simply go to church together thats quality time right there, visit family and friends after church, yea maybe even thepicnic as suggested by L. Writing little notes before you leave home for work having lunch together at least once a week, praying together those are the most important things. hell even partying together that counts for a lot of time. its fun and romantic, cheap and enjoyable.

  9. yes.. very true that once a while we need to create extra ordinary or simple activities together with our spouse in order for us to enchance our love…

  10. knowing really what your partner adores and giving it to him and you both appreciate each other in your weaknesses and in your strength is the most important reason that cements a relationship that is what has brought me and my husband this far.

  11. we will go for shopping grocery in the weekends and sometimes we go to see the beach and parks near to us. this time we thought of going in cruse for 3 to 4 days it will give some time with the family and out of the house no headaches of cleaning or cooking or washing so like this small vacations we have to take always. sometime we go and visit our relatives.

  12. love is like wine.more older,more matured.To get this matured love one partner has to dedicate his/her life to other partner without any expectation except love.After few years the understanding and bonding between the two becomes so strong that even word are not required to communicate eye language is sufficient.

  13. This story really isn’t about me.. It’s about my friend. When I met her, she was young and hard-headed and strong-willed. She’s a super unique girl, and it was hard for guys to keep up with her. She always said she would never settle down and be in love and get married. Then one day she came across a profile on Myspace that she liked and she emailed the guy to tell him she thought his site was cool or something like that. Then they got to emailing, then talking on the phone. Then she flew out months later to meet him and they’ve been in love since. She moved to his state and then they got married in 2007 in a beautiful ceremony where I got to be a bridesmaid. They’re a great couple who complements each other very well.

  14. love comes from the heart but as humans we have to fuel this love by spending quality time together, sharing gifts and and communicating about how we feel cuz if we fail to do that our love may die.

  15. Where are you meeting these girls you’re having such a bad time with, Bob? I read this really cool book called “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy. You might like to check it out, it is so funny that I lent it to my friends and they loved it! Why not treat yourself to a copy this Humor Month? I bought it for my kids to read when they get interested in romance. So far, not yet. My 7-year-old son still thinks it’s gross. My 15-year-old daughter has guy friends but isn’t into getting married because she sees how hard I have to work at home to take care of them. She’d rather take care of our little Shih Tzu, Starbucks. I am sure you’ll find the love of your life, Bob, but take it easy and wait on God’s timing. You don’t want to rush into something so important. She’s got to have a great sense of humor like yours! I am praying for you, Bob.

  16. Calling him up surprisinglyonce in a while,especially when he”s in the office to tell him”Baby i just want to let u know i love u”.She should”nt say anything more and in a very seductive manner.

  17. Love is honesty and transparency.Good communicationn is very essential,both on phone and personally.Couples must always find time to spend with eachother,especially during weekends.Try as much as posible to go out for a walk or something nice.Keeps the bond tighter.

  18. Both of my children met thier Significant Others through the Internet. They played an MMOG called Puzzle Pirates. Our daughter and her shipmate married in February of last year after being together for 3 years and have presented us with our first Grand Child, Lydia, in April of this year. Our son and his shipmate are happy too. They’ve been together for almost 5 years. It can happen.

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