Inspirational Mondays: Building Blocks

Send Inspirational Ecards“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.” Abraham Lincoln

In the times that we are, it’s becoming absolutely necessary that we pull up our socks. It will be important for all of us to prop up our end so that the structure doesn’t give in. I’m a firm believer in the individual effort. If we all do our bits, there is no way we cannot work towards something that is positive and constructive. I was in the middle of a discussion on this with Fred when he told me this quote by Abraham Lincoln. I made a mental note that I have to share this with you.

The quote is all about the power in your hands. You have to be accountable for your success. A bigger success story can form only by the collaboration of smaller units. We have to try that extra inch to make a difference. It’s not the time for complacency and it’ll be a real waste of resources if we don’t utilize them to the optimum level. And if you are not resolved to make your end a success, you can never hope for a wider and broader change to happen. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Mondays: Building Blocks

  1. In the beginning of this school year,my sons teacher called the parents for a meeting in order to explain to us how he would work with our children. So one parent asked him what he should do to make this class a better one and the teacher said that we could make the class better only by working on each one of our children.

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