Four Ways to Welcome Change

Change is scary but change is also beautiful! We often get worried when the thought of moving out of our comfort zone strikes us. How will I do it? What if I fail? Will it be worth it? How do I know that it will be good? All types of thoughts start hovering around us! The same was happening with Ethan. 

Last night when Aaliyah and I were playing with Kong, Ethan gave me a call. “Hey, Ethan! How have you been?” I asked. “I’m good, just a little worried!” He replied. “Why? What happened?” I asked. 

“I have been shifted to a new department with a big project. It will require me to lead a few colleagues who had mentored me once in this company right in the beginning. I wasn’t prepared for such a sudden and big change!” He replied. 

“Don’t be afraid of change. Let me share with you a few tips to embrace a change,” I replied. 

Then I shared with him the following four tips:

  • Relax and Don’t React- When the news of a big change comes, it unsettles us. Stop overthinking and relax. Be at ease and trust the process. Take a few deep breaths and know that the change will be for the best. Divert your mind and spend time doing things that keep you happy. 
  • Don’t Panic- The majority of us lose out on good opportunities or settle for less due to panic. Don’t get anxious due to negative thoughts. Go back to the times when you first did something which you never thought you could! Remind yourself of all those instances. Give yourself that encouragement- ‘You can do it!’ 
  • Don’t Resist- Accepting is one of the best ways to empower yourself and enjoying the flow. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you. Embrace the change with open arms as that will make it easy. Trust the flow and have faith! 
  • Think of the Positive Aspects- A change brings with it an opportunity to grow. Ask yourself questions like: What am I going to learn? How will it help me grow? If I succeed, where will it take me? What value will it add? When we change the outlook and see through the lens of positivity, we feel much better and stronger. 

“This sounds amazing! It made me feel so much better. Change feels so promising now!” He replied. 

“See! It’s just a matter of outlook and having the courage to come out of your comfort zone,” I replied. 

“Thank you so much, Uncle Bob. I will follow all the tips!” He replied and then we hung up.

A change helps us to transform ourselves into better and opens the door for real growth. 

Now does change look scary to you anymore? Share with me your thoughts! 


One thought on “Four Ways to Welcome Change

  1. B., Change can be good- yes. In fact, it can mess up all the rigid rules and regulations you may have put on yourself. I know, because I am such a person. And it is not so much getting out of my comfort zone, it is more about not having any comfort zone or privacy of my own growing up in a very large family. My house was like a busy loud chaotic train station- every day. So I knew if I ever get out of that crazy place, I wanted peace and quite and most importantly-order, structure. No more relentless changes every day. And it has happened now in my life. Ahhhhh, I embrace it all. It is wonderful. Yet, I find if I get too scheduled, too organized, too hard on myself, there’s not much spark in my life. Within my home, I have freedom to do whatever I want. Which is great. But sometimes what I want is not what I need. In any case, I am discovering incredible new structural techniques to create in my art work and thanks to the internet, am discovering a new group of artists who believe in what I believe in the arts. Because where I used to work and am now retired from, my colleagues did not believe in the old techniques and beliefs of past masters and though my colleagues were good people, never really cared what I accomplished, never noticed, I was invisible. Which was fine, as I have always shied from being noticed. Yet, I discovered there’s a whole new world out there of folks who believe in what I believe in. It is humbling to witness. They are all so young and talented, too. Makes me want to get to work, so I can catch up with them. Thanks again for your blog, B. as always, your friend, L.

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