Have you Felt The Joy Of Learning Something New?

The best part of the holidays is having friends and our loved ones over at our place at any time. My friends Kate, Donna and Steve had surprised us with a sudden visit in the evening. We ordered pizza and pasta from our favorite pizzeria. Aaliyah made winter lemonade and Mexican hot chocolate for all of us. 

We were all enjoying countryside music with food when Aaliyah paused the music for a while. She went to the room and got her sketchbook to show her latest charcoal paintings to all of us. She was flooded with compliments. The paintings were beautiful, indeed! 

“You always loved painting? Or is it a new add on?” Asked Kate. 

“Well I was inclined towards art, and charcoal painting had always appealed to me. In the past few months, staying at home with work and daily chores was making things monotonous. I expressed it to Bob and then he suggested that I start learning something new that I want to! So here I am!” Replied Aaliyah.  

“That’s wonderful! Look what a painter you have become in such a short time!” Expressed Donna. 

“But, why did you advise Aaliyah to learn something new, Bob? What has it got to do with daily dose of happiness?” Asked Steve. 

“There is always joy in learning something new! Especially if it’s something that we had once desired to learn. We feel excited and look forward to it. Our mind gets more progressive. It helps us to broaden our horizons, know ourselves better, and polish our talents. It taps into a part of ourselves that was unexplored, thereby making us more aware and confident!” I replied. 

“Yes! I felt that when I was learning Spanish. It was both fun and empowering. I knew I could travel to Spain without having to worry about communication,” said Donna. 

“Yes! That’s right! I felt quite confident and independent when I didn’t have to depend on any one to add a new look to my clothes after learning a few stitching and tailoring skills. It has helped me since then to make my own style statement!” Expressed Kate.   

“See! We have all felt the joy of learning something new at some point or the other!” I replied. Steve smiled and said, “Maybe it’s time for me to experience this joy! Haven’t taken up something new for ages!” 

“Then do that! You will feel good!” I replied. And then, we spent the rest of the evening watching an old movie and ordering enjoying a sumptuous dinner.  

Have you felt the joy of learning something new? Share with me how you felt!

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