Tune Into The Rhythm Of Life

The cold winter evenings in NYC calls for warm indoor gatherings with friends. We were at Kate’s place. Kate and Teddy are going for a vacation! We were there to help the couple with their last minute packing.

“So finally we are going for the much awaited trip! Phew!” said Kate. “I remember how every time you guys had to delay this for something or the other,” said Aaliyah. “Oh yes! The last minute cancellations. But, finally we are going. All thanks to Bob,” expressed Teddy.

“Me? Why?” I asked. “Well, because you made my better half realize that how important it is to leave work in the office and give time to his family,” expressed Kate.

“Yes! That’s right! You made me realize how no ‘work life balance’ was taking a toll on my marriage. Life too was getting mechanical. I was pouring in all my energy and devotion there and overlooking other parts of life. I have stopped doing that now,” said Teddy.

“Teddy used to stay irritated. We were unable to strike basic conversations. Spending good time together became a challenge. Going on vacations felt like a distant dream. His health too was deteriorating. He didn’t have time for me or himself. Now things are back in place again!” said Kate.

“After talking to Bob I understood that I am not here to just live life like an employee. I am also an individual who is a son, a husband and a friend,” expressed Teddy.

“It has helped him in his work front too. His productivity has shot up,” said Kate. “Yes! I am a lot happier now and that’s reflecting. I have better time management and execution. I am giving time to other activities and hobbies too!” said Teddy. “That’s great!” expressed Aaliyah.

 “Work is a part of life. We can’t have our life revolving around one single thing. That gets extreme. The excess on one side will disrupt the balance and healthy flow on the other side. Hence, work life balance is very important!” I expressed.  

 “Teddy and I are back to our old good times now. We have so much fun at home. Thank you so much, Bob!” said Kate. “Seriously! Thanks a lot,” expressed Teddy.

“I’m glad that you perceived it and worked at making things better. Awaiting your vacation pictures and posts,” I replied with a wink. “Now let’s get done with the packing,” suggested Aaliyah. “Oh yes! But before that let’s enjoy these saucy chicken wings and chocolate chip muffins,” said Kate and we got back at enjoying our cozy evening.                                                                           

Seeing the couple at peace once again, made me really happy. Life is not meant to be spent in cubicles. We only live once! Work but don’t forget to sing the song that comes to your mind, halt to see the sight that makes you smile and spend good time with your loved ones. Tune into the rhythm of life and live it in every possible way!


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