7 Billion Dreams -One Planet, Consume With Care

It’s been another beautiful weekend in New York. Warm, sunny and bright skies followed by drizzle and cool breeze marking the end of the week. The rain and the wind gave the city a renewed freshness. The smell of rain rejuvenates my soul.

Strolling on Sunday afternoon with my friend Donna’s teenager son, Ethan, I was so fascinated with the way the young think today. Highly aware and responsible, this indigo generation is definitely here to revolutionize. These children are independent thinkers.

We were pondering over this year’s World Environment Day theme, which is 7 Billion Dreams.1 Planet. Consume with Care. I was very excited about this new United Nations Environment Program where masses have come together to be a part of the dream team including many celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio who have shared their dreams of a perfect world and taken a pledge to make individual efforts to achieve the same.

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I was pitching in my dream of having a pollution free, clean and peaceful world. I shared my efforts of conserving energy, opting for car pools and taking special care to avoid wasting resources. Only about .003 percent of the water on Earth can be used by humans so I pledged to save the resource as much as possible.

Ethan, looked at me and asked, “Uncle Bob, I believe the bigger dream of conserving and creating a perfect world environment is ultimate but it’s largely variable. We have to resolve the problem, I agree, but primarily we must get down to the root of the imbalance. It’s always the inside-out approach that works.

Pause to look around. What do you see, chaos or clarity? When our mind is in a confused state we often tend to mess up our surroundings. We have to assess our state of mind and realign the scattered energies which are locked up in wanting more, enticements, feeling of lack, jealousy or massaging the ego. When we harmonize the inner state by becoming aware of what’s important and what’s not we are prepared to take a pledge for the world at large. It starts with an individual. It starts with you and me.” I smiled at this eloquent speech coming from a teenager and it made me think.

Why pledges are broken and resolves weakened with the passage of time? I feel it’s because we are trying to work on the surface of the issue.
We can clean up the chaos within and without by being mindful.

The simple activity of organizing the desk just before I sit to work helps me clean up my thoughts, my priorities for the day is set and I don’t have to grapple with unimportant and urgent tasks. I take stock of my surroundings and care for the same.

When you pause each day and observe you will notice something needs to be straightened up, maybe the plants need your attention or your desk needs to be organized, may be your neighborhood park needs cleaning and when you are watchful and willing you will see the weeds of unwanted stress fall out.

Be a part of this powerful mission 7 Billion Dreams. 1 Planet. Consume with Care. Take stock of your world first and remember to follow the inside-out approach.

Share your idea of a perfect world environment and your individual pledge to change your environment for the better.

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