Sending Warm Wishes To Cheer You Up This Week!

With cheer up day just a few days away on July 11, I wanted to get a jump-start on this special day and give each one of you a cheer up hug from afar! While I can’t be there to cheer each and every one of you up in person, I hope this post finds you all well!

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If you know somebody in your life who could use a little cheer this week, turn their frown upside down by sending a basket of July flowers on cheer up day or sitting down with special friends to watch a comedy. Nothing says best friends more than putting on a silly film and laughing together. It’s basically like saying “let’s giggle together” and being able to laugh with best friends is an amazing feeling.

No matter how you decide to bring cheer to a loved one’s face, don’t forget your best friends aren’t the only ones who may need some cheerfulness on cheer up day. Spread kindness by acknowledging strangers or taking the time to compliment the waitress on your lunch. We all experience moments in our life when we just don’t feel ourselves. The kindness of a stranger can really turn somebody’s day around and you never know what a difference you can make. And you need all the good karma you can get before full moon day the following day, July 12.

If you are weary of full moons or superstitious, make sure to load up on the good luck this week and stay away from anyone you may suspect is a werewolf! Just to be safe, I think I am going to send cards to my friends and stay in on Friday night! You never know what is going to happen when a full moon rises!

Whether you decide to take on the adventure of the full moon or not, I hope you have a happy and safe week full of cheer, happiness and friendships!


4 thoughts on “Sending Warm Wishes To Cheer You Up This Week!

  1. B., Thanks for the cheering up. You have successfully filled my heart up with joyous mirth. Now I hope this email returns the happiness right back to your sweet old self. love, L.

  2. Hey Bob,
    The moon has different meanings in many cultures. It may mean a lot of energy or completeness or togetherness. Apparently you can take in a lot of energy from nature when you play Kung Fu at full moon! To me, I like the other meaning, togetherness that tends to go with completeness as well. It is best thing in the world to chat with friends under the full moon. I wish you have a nice full moon day. Happy weekend.

  3. Hey Bob,
    It is a great feeling to be laughing and singing with good friends and watching the Milky Way and the full moon together. Nothing in the mind but there are warm feelings in the heart. The feelings that last for years and forever.
    One could be busy at work, but the heart is never too busy for the feelings.
    Have a good week ahead.

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