Second World!

Most of us do not realize that we live in two worlds. There is a family system wherein you have your parents, siblings and friends. And then there is another world where you live with your colleagues. You live in both these worlds every day.

Most often than not, the workplace world is the one that dominates your day. That is the fact, but we do not make it a point to make ourselves comfortable in this second world. We do not build relationships that will make our lives
easier. We do not socialize and blame the indifference to material-seeking populace.

Remember something, one hand clap never made a noise. You got to initiate conversations. You got to make the moves so that everyone knows your first name. You should know when to start, when to continue and when to stop. You got to make friends.

There has to be water cooler breaks, but you shouldn’t spend more time there than your designated cubicle or cabin. You can crack a joke or two, but you shouldn’t bring double entendres in a conversation all the time.

You can pat the backs once in a while in a gesture of appreciation, but shouldn’t indulge in neck massages. You can be a harmless flirt, but not on the floor and never too much.

You can have your drink and party in the weekend, but never show up drunk or hung over.

You can smile and be nice, but never exaggerate and irritate with your positive vibes. Yes, it is good to help your colleague, but do not be overbearing to the point of intruding. That doesn’t bode well in a work environment.

You may have the answers, but you needn’t answer everything in a conference. Allow others to have their say.

You can celebrate birthdays, party on a promotion, but do not plan jus’ for that all day and week. Talk work.

Strike a balance.


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