Do You Believe In Groundhog Day?

Send Groundhog Day EcardsEach year, with the coming of Groundhog Day, I find myself incredibly amused! I can’t think for my life how people still believe in a groundhog to predict the span of winter. I mean we know that the best equipment and technology cannot predict the weather or natural calamities sometimes. It is true that a couple of centuries ago, people actually waited for the groundhog to come out of its furrow and indicate with a shadow that winter would last for another six weeks. In case there was no shadow formed because of a cloudy sky, it did not return to its furrow and it was believed that the climate would be moderate.

This was okay then, but to believe in a custom like this even today seems a little absurd to me. I accept that people look to these occasions sometimes just as an excuse for merry-making and to break open the monotony. If that is the reason, I’m all for it. It is really sad that we are caught up so densely in our own spheres that we look for windows to let in some fresh air. Events like Groundhog Day go a long way in making people feel that once upon a time we actually had the time to watch what a groundhog was doing. Do you believe in celebrating events like Groundhog Day? Do you find them redundant or excuses of fighting drudgery? I’m all eyes to read what you have to write.


3 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Groundhog Day?

  1. B.
    I think it’s alright to hang on to some traditions that were handed down by our previous generation as long as it is not superstitious or harms someone.

  2. B. My husband and I just don’t believe in Groundhog’s Day. In fact, we feel sorry for the poor critter that has to be pulled from his home just to satisfy some superstition. One of these days that Groundhog is gonna snap and you know, we’re gonna cheer him on. Let him go bizerk and bite that hand that grabs him. That Groundhog is a big fella, I don’t se ewhy not. L.

  3. I do not believe in Groundhog day either. It belongs to another century when people have time to sit in the garden for the whole day to watch groundhog. Now we could even control the weather. I heard that during the Olympics last year, the weather was watched and controlled so that the sun will shine over the arena and no rain will fall!

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