What Type Of Savings Are Good For Our Future?

Send Everyday Cards!Mutual funds? Stocks? Real estate investments? Or jus’ the good old plain bank savings?

Whatever be the mode or way, it is good to save. That is a lesson we learnt from the recent recession jolt we received. And we shouldn’t forget that splurging should be a thing of the past. Families all around American have come to realize the value of savings and futility of greed.

Credit card money is not our money, but bank’s money. We shouldn’t spend money that we haven’t earned yet. Even when we earn money, save some and then spend little. That’s the motto.

There are other savings too. They are called investments. Not in material things though, but in matters of the heart. More often than not, it is a friend who stands by you to give you support unconditionally rather than your money. Invest in friendship.

Plant a tree. Or rather plant a plant or sow a seed. They just need water and it is not even a chore. The result though will make you rejoice.

Don’t wait till life passes you by. No man should spend his last moments regretting what he didn’t do. Live a complete life.

Invest in love.

That would be the best investment you ever made. At your funeral you wouldn’t like heartless black suits standing attendance for formality sake.

You would rather want friends, family and loved ones standing there mourning with heartfelt anguish and sadness and giving you a fond farewell.

Well, if you don’t believe in display of affection after your death, then you can enjoy fruits of your goodness while you are alive and well too.

Good deeds demand reciprocation by nature and they happen all the time. Sport a smile and invest in love. You will be rewarded.


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