Occupy Wall Street!

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It has become a movement. And it brings with it a lot of questions. If you have noticed in the last year or two, there have been mass movements on a large scale all over the world. Most of them are uniformly aided and encouraged by the world media as a whole.

And everyone sides with the people on the street. No exceptions, but for the looters on the Britain’s streets.

The question is:

Are people fed up?


Is it a fleeting trend?

Both, actually. If you had cared to look closely you would notice that all these movements worldwide including Wall Street are headless. I mean, there are no leaders.

There is no Gandhi. There is no Martin Luther King. There is nobody. Jus’ a collection of people.

And one more interesting thing of note is that they are not fighting to abolish discrimination, attain freedom or to beget power, but they are protesting and walking on the streets to plead for help to survive.

And the people in power are clueless or unable.

It is sad. Very sad.

Capitalism, communism, socialism, and all other ‘isms’ are of no use if the people, who vote Presidents to power don’t have a roof over their head or food on their plate.

Now, the question is why Wall Street?

Because their perception is that the stock brokers and other elite of the street got bailed out while they were the ones responsible for the chaos in the first place.

Is there a solution in sight?

Yes, there is.

It may sound very simple, but remember that the perfect answer to a complicated question is a simple answer.

Work hard. Save. Throw away your credit card. Spend only the money you earned. Balance diet. Exercise for 20 minutes a day. Go to sleep early. Wake up early.


Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street!

  1. B., I am so happy you exist and that you are blessed with a talent to write. Thank you for this blog. It speaks volumes. “Greed” is in all of us. We must learn to control it and not let it take over the love that is also within us.
    hugs to you, L.

  2. god bless you too, bob!
    your articles are inspiring. you left out a small part in this story tho. when love stayed behind, it didnt die. patience stepped off too and stayed with love, and it was greed that stands alone. its possible that the greed couldve consumed the love, had it not been for patience. thru time, love absorbed the energy from patience and now thrives, while greed, still alone, is whithering away. love never left, its been here all along, side by side with true friends: faith, hope, charity, and forgiveness.

  3. You a have a natural talant and unbelievably fantastic ability to write! Keep it up and go for books, magazines, newspapers or wherever you please and share it with us! Gifted people are the ones who create masterpieces in art, poetry, music, writting… take you deserved place amongst the famous people… I think you belong there.

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