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Are You Ready For Your Valentine’s Day?

Love of a lifetime is celebrated once a year. This beautiful event is tailor-made for romance. No one in the world should be alone on this day.

Make your plans. Find a date. Preserve the present date. Everyone is destined to be with someone. The trick is to find that One. That is all.

The myth is that there is an individual destined for us. The fact is, it is not the individual but the personality that is destined for us. We have to find the individual who possess it.

You can be of any gender and can be of any color, it doesn’t matter, you still have someone out there. Go find that person.

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The first thing to do is to be ready. You never know when your soul mate will pass through. Be on the lookout, be ready, notice it when it appears and accept it when it happens. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that maybe this is not the person. No, give it a deep thought or actually jus’ let it be. You will see it in yourself, your heart sooner or later.

Do not reject. Allow the thoughts to take its own course. They travel and nudge the feelings and the feelings speak to your heart and it will show in your eyes.

That’s love.

If you have a soul mate, love of your life by your side, then make plans for the day to be special. For starters, do not spend the day doing anything else, but being with your love.

Giving your space and time is the most important thing on the day.

The beauty of love is that it doesn’t expect, but gives.

Cupid is calling, are you ready?

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1 L | 01.31.13, 3:16 pm

B., Yes, absolutely let love blossom. Your soul mate will not be able to let you go as she or he is deep within your heart. Kind of a free imprisonment. kisses to you, L.

2 MICHELLE111 | 02.14.13, 5:56 am

In the misty moonlight,
By the flaming fire light,

Thanks for thinking of me