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Year Month Newsletter Issue
2014 December 123Greetings Newsletter | December 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 1st Issue
November 123Greetings Newsletter | November 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 1st Issue
October 123Greetings Newsletter | October 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | October 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | October 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | October 1st Issue
September 123Greetings Newsletter | September 5th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | September 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | September 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | September 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | September 1st Issue
August 123Greetings Newsletter | August 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | August 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | August 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | August 1st Issue
July 123Greetings Newsletter | July 5th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | July 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | July 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | July 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | July 1st Issue
June 123Greetings Newsletter | June 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | June 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | June 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | June 1st Issue
May 123Greetings Newsletter | May 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | May 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | May 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | May 1st Issue
April 123Greetings Newsletter | April 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | April 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | April 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | April 1st Issue
March 123Greetings Newsletter | March 5th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | March 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | March 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | March 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | March 1st Issue
February 123Greetings Newsletter | February 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | February 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | February 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | February 1st Issue
January 123Greetings Newsletter | January 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | January 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | January 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | January 1st Issue
2013 December 123Greetings Newsletter | December 5th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | December 1st Issue
November 123Greetings Newsletter | November 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 2nd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | November 1st Issue
October 123Greetings Newsletter | October 4th Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | October 3rd Issue
123Greetings Newsletter | October 2nd Issue
Happy ‘You Go, Girl’ Day!
September Send A Smile, Will You?
Something Special And Some Chocolate!
Full Moon and Flowers!
Wishing You Luck On Friday The 13th!
Rosh Hashanah Greetings!
August Happy Labor Day To You All!
Be An Angel!
True Love Lasts Forever!
Eid Mubarak!
July Wish You A Very Happy Friendship Day!
Sweet And Silly Days to Celebrate!
Cheer Up!
Fireworks Please, It’s The Fourth Of July!
June Birthday Wish, Timely Pat, Family Matters & Cute Pets!
Fly Like A Butterfly And Spread Smiles And Cheer!
Happy Father’s Day!
Wish You A Very Happy Best Friends Day!
May Love Conquers All!
Day of the Wise – World Turtle Day!
Salute Our Soldiers!
I Love You, Mom!
April Happy Brothers and Sisters Day!
Thank The Professionals!
Tax, Tears And Congratulations!
World’s Best Mom!
Fall In Love And Smile A Lot!
March Good Friday Wishes For You And Your Family From Us.
Smile And The World Will Smile With You!
St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Ahead!
Happy International Women’s Day!
February Smile and Make This World A Beautiful Place!
I’m Temporarily Insane. Are You?
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Send A Card to Your Friend!
January Groundhog Day And A Super Sunday Ahead!
Pat The Back, Serve Some Chocolate Cake!
A Warm Hug And A Whole Lot of Love!
May All Your Dreams Come True.
Welcome New Year 2013!
2012 December Day Of the Christ Is Here – Merry Christmas!
Christmas Time!
Season Of Love And Joy!
Season Of Happiness!
November Happy Holidays!
Thanksgiving Is Here!
Diwali Is Here!
Hug A Teddy, Will You?
October Spooky Time!
Happy Halloween To You From Us!
Be Sweet And Stay In Touch!
The Magic Of Autumn!
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
September For All The Caring Angels In This World!
Rosh Hashanah Wishes To All!
Here’s To New Beginnings!
Patriot Day: Don’t Forget To Remember!
August Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor.
Hug, Kisses and Gratitude!
Love is The Only Constant in Life!
Romantic Day Ahead!
July Three Important Relationships in Life!
Give Friendship Its Due!
Parents – Give Them Their Due.
Be Scared, Very Scared This Friday the 13th!
A July Full of Fireworks & Flowers!
June Wish You a Very Happy Fourth of July!
Did You Forget Something?
Say Hello To A Scintillating Summer!
Give Dad What He Deserves – A Whole Lot of Love!
Celebrate Friendship And Profess Your Love!
May Love Gives, Takes and Conquers All!
Memorial Day – Remember The Real Hero.
Wake Up and Smell The Flowers!
Mother – A One Word Poem!
Live a Wholesome Life!
April All Hail The Administrative Professionals!
Save The Planet Says Editor Bob!
Smile Please!
Happy Easter and Shalom Passover!
March You Are Nobody’s Fool!
Please, Stay In Touch.
Don’t Smoke, But Drink the Green…
Feel the Women Power..
February A Pat On The Back from Editor Bob!
Dance, Cuddle and Have Fun!
Love, Friendship and Thank You.
Love Is The Answer!
Make Merry!
January It’s the Season of Love!
Here’s A Warm Hug For You!
A Very Happy Birthday!
Come on, Let’s Dance!
2011 December Editor Bob Wishes Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas! May God Bless You!
Wish You A Happy Hanukkah!
A Sweet Surprise!
November A Hug From Me To You!
Happy Thanksgiving To You!
Flowers for your love!
Thank A Veteran Today!
Here’s A Hug!
October Fright Night is Here!
Hey, How Are You Doing?
Aren’t You Sweet?
You Go, Girl!
September Angels On Earth
Happy Rosh Hashanah!
Friends & Flowers – A Beautiful Cocktail!
Be Positive!
August It’s Labor Day!
Kiss of Life!
Give Some Love To Your Friends!
It’s All About Love!
What Are Friends For?
July Love Makes The World Go Around!
A Beautiful Dream!
Love And Friendship-The Best Cocktail Ever!
Cheer Up!
June Love Is In The Air, This Fourth of July!
Here’s For The Beautiful Moments This Summer!
My Dad, My First Friend–Happy Father’s Day!
Profess Your Love And Share Your Secrets.
May Love Is Where Life Is.
Salute The Soldiers!
Slow And Steady Wins The Race!
Love, Food, Friendship And Life!
Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Work Contacts
April Admin Pros, Absent Friend, Talking Of Things
Easter Greetings, Earth Day, Being Confident
Passover Feast, Palm Sunday, Brakes On Love
Spring Time, Memorable Birthday, Get Busy
March April Fools’ Day, Great Lovers, Spring Clean
Cuddly Kitten, Hot Tub Talk, Online Avatars
St. Patrick’s Day, Let’s Laugh, Geeky Joy
Dream Nights, Pi Party, Inspiring Couple
Women’s Day, Happy Wishes, Connecting Friends
February Polar Bears, Special Friends, Gut Feelings
Temporary Insanity, Winter Woes, Angry Father
Valentine’s Day, Heart To Heart, Friendly Hug
January Chinese New Year, Smile Away, Email Contact
Rich Compliments, Chocolate Fun, Pet Problems
Whispering Love, Just Hugs, The Way Ahead
True Dreams, Good Friends, Bad Dates
Cuddle Up, Dancing Away, Birthday Proposal
2010 December New Year Wishes, Winter Dating, Togetherness
Christmas Time, Different Love, Work Buddies
Christmas Carols, Between Friends, Work Dates
Winter Flowers, Christmas Cards, Mom Time
November Hanukkah Wishes, Hug Time, Season’s Greetings
Happy Thanksgiving, Cake Talk, Loneliness
Say Hello, Fight It Out, Marriage Woes
Salute Veterans, Kind Deeds, Friendship Blues
Diwali Lights, Hug A Bear, Work The Talk
October Halloween Fun, Leading On, Keeping Track
Say ‘Hey’, Control Work, Deferred Dreams
Boss’ Notes, Sweetest Ways, Saying “No”
Thanking Folks, Live Twice, Best Friends
September Send Smiles, Ask Questions, Charm Life
Chocolate Treat, Friends Again, Doing Nothing
Friends’ Meet, Stress Beaters, Connect Addict
Positive Thinking, Teddy Bears, Touching Base
August Labor Day, Ex Friendship, Parenting Kids
Just Because, Mind Your Friend, Make A Choice
Sweet Hugs, Being An Angel, Fighting It Out
True Love, Twilight Birthday, Gaining Control
Managing Email, Cute Friend, Innovated Thanks
July Friendly Tell-tale, Be Focused, Teen Trouble
Rolling Summer, Mommy Boss, Making A Call
Hugging Woes, Summer Party, Bossy Matters
Cheer Up Mate, Looks Matter, Tech Touch
June Fourth of July, Canada Day Musings, Tech Care
Birthday Update, Rose Friends, Being In Touch
Father’s Day, Butterfly Effect, Summer Fun
Sneak A Kiss, Friendship Check, Power To You
Best Friends, Love Conquers, Tech Woes
May Memorial Day, Grand Memories, Doing Things
Turtle’s Day, Pet Trouble, What’s Your’s
Brat’s Cat, Nurturing Tulips, Minding Moods
Mother’s Role, Cinco de Mayo, Office Meetings
April Bro n Sis, Pet Hugs, Flower Makeover
Admin Pro Notes, For Earth, Fair Fights
Spring Clean, Build Contacts, Complex Tangle
Dating Again,Cool With Ex,Being Happy
March Easter Wishes, Office Pranks, Dating A Geek
Hot Tub Fun, Doctor’s Day, Drunk Dialing
St. Paddy’s Day, Laugh It Away, Date Alert
Future Dreams, Pi Day, Reconnecting With Ex
Women’s Day, Weighty Issues, Veteran’s Tips
February Teddy Cuddle, Polar Bear Theory, Reconnecting
Insanity, Valentine Update, Kids At Work
Valentine’s Day Edition: Love Forever
Super Sunday, Smiles Speak, Anger Woes
January Complimenting Her, Groundhogs, Cross Dating
A Craftsy Hug, For Penguins, Pet Etiquette
Express Love, True Dreams, Friendship Token
Cuddling Up, Evening Waltz, Back to Work
2009 December New Year Wishes, Being Single, Party Updates
Merry X-mas, Winter Kids, Something Special
Christmas Carol, Adamant Mom, Marriage Bells
Christmas Cards, Good Day, Behavior At Work
Just A Hug, Friends At Work, Family Time
November Thanksgiving, Season’s Wishes, Stay In Touch
World Hello Day, Saying Thank You, Sweet Home
Veterans Day, Acts of Kindness, Thanks Speech
Hugging A Teddy, Teenage Love, Get Well Soon
October Happy Halloween, Flowery Love, Love Pangs
Skating Tips, Genuine Warmth, Inspired Peace
Ardent Love, Shielding Boss, Best Friends
Good Wishes, Dream Connection, Being Lucky
September Smiling At Strangers, Out of Touch, Birthday
Kiss Crashed, Angel Visits, Always Thankful
Friends’ Day, You Are Special, Team At Work
Grandparents Day, New Love, Friendly Foe
Labor Day, Kong’s Friend, H

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