This Easter, Take That First Step!

Easter frenzy is all around us here in Big Apple! The hare and the eggs, the lilies, the palm branches, and the butterflies – it’s time to have some good time with our friends and family. Mrs. Bradley, Alan, Aaliyah, and I were setting up the garden for Easter brunch. Mrs. Bradley would be playing her piano on that day. Aaliyah will be capturing the moments with her camera. Alan and I will be taking care of the menu.

We paused to enjoy some brownies and smoothies. Alan looked a little quiet since morning.

“Hey, Alan! Is everything okay?” I asked. He took me to a corner and said, “I always wanted to open a venture of my own. But, I never dared to do it. I don’t know whether to let this idea go away or go ahead with this!”

“Do you want to do it?” I asked. “Yes!” He replied.

“Then what’s stopping you?” I asked. “I don’t know! What if I fail? What if my venture isn’t successful?” He asked.

“The risk is real but anxiety is not! Unless you take the first step how can you speculate its failure? If you can’t envision success you shouldn’t cook failure in the mind too! That’s not fair!” I suggested.

He smiled. “Yes! You’re right! What’s the harm in giving it a shot?” He expressed.

“Absolutely! Easter is here to pave the way for new beginnings! Go for it!” I replied.

“Thank you so much, Bob! I will work towards this dream of mine now,” he replied, and then we got back with our arrangements.

Our love for the dream instills in us an idea. That idea fills us with passion. And, that passion fuels the desire for victory. So, don’t let anxiety create bumps on your way! Take that first step and be rest assured to win! Also, pat yourself on the back for the courage!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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