Three Things To Do This Spring

The days are warm, the breeze is serene, there are sweet vibrations all around – spring is here in NYC. As the lilacs blossom, waking up to the sweet fragrance fills me with hope. The bright sun is promising a brighter tomorrow. The colors around are signifying the abundance and beauty with which we are blessed with.

Now is the best time for fresh beginnings and new personal victories! It is also the time to try on new things and have a fulfilling time with yourself. But, how?

Here are three things to do this spring to make your days more enjoyable:

  • Get Creative with Things You Love- Let your creative juices flow! Nature is at its creative best during spring and that’s what we too can imbibe during this season. When we spend time doing things that are close to our hearts, we become happier. We look forward to the days. Be it playing the guitar, ukulele, or dancing, or painting that plain canvas- it’s time to channelize your creativity. Do things that you love and make your soul happy!
  • Execute a New Idea- Spring signifies fresh new beginnings, thus, it is the best time to give shape to that fresh idea on your mind. Give birth to a new project, a new work, and bring that brainchild to life. It can be a dream, a desire, or simply a goal on your bucket list. It could also be time for an adventure!
  • Make a New Playlist- Let the first bloom of spring make your heart sing. Music uplifts our souls whereas the lyrics narrate a nice tale! Make a new playlist with new songs! That will brighten up your days whenever you put on those earplugs. Fill your days with fun and be your dancing partner. Fill each day with joy and positivity!

As they say, spring is like nature’s way of saying to party! With that spirit in mind, try doing the things that I have shared.

Also, share with me some of your ideas to make spring more fun-loving!

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