Are You Thinking Right?

There’s a saying that goes like this: “You are what you think.” We often don’t realize the power of our thoughts and the words that we speak. And, when an unpleasant reality strikes us we start complaining! The same was happening with my friend, Adrian.

Last Sunday we were all sitting in Mrs. Bradley’s garden and enjoying the evening breeze of spring. Strawberry smoothies and chocolate tarts kept our taste buds happy.

Adrian seemed a bit lost. “Hey Adrian, what happened?” I asked. “You know, Bob I am so sick and tired of the same outcomes. I want to be the best at work but somehow I come out as average. I honestly try a lot but it’s always the same,” He expressed.

“Look at me! When you think about work and your daily life, do you feel happy? Or do you simply see it as a mundane routine?” I asked.

“I think it to be the same old and drab routine! I just know that I have to do it and be that way!” He expressed.

“See here is where you are going wrong! Every thought creates vibration in the universe. Every word that we speak manifests into reality. You end up attracting what you feel. It’s like if you are happy you attract good things but if you feel stressed and whine about it, you attract stressful scenarios!” I expressed.

“Are you serious? Is that the reason why we are always asked to think positive and stay happy?” He asked.

“Yes! That’s exactly why! The right thoughts and words shift the energy and fill us with immense potential to make our destiny! This way we affirm our reality!” I replied.

“Thank you so much, Bob! From now on, I’ll only think how I wish things to be around me and create a life that I desire!” He expressed.

“That’s great! Do that and see the miracle for yourself!” I replied and then we had a wonderful evening together.

Everything that we perceive and experience externally in our life is the reflection of our internal thoughts and feelings. If you want to change your reality change the way you think! Affirm how you want things to be. You will be amazed to see how the universe starts responding to those intentions and vibrations to shower you with your desires!


About Editor Bob

Bob is the Editor of the free weekly newsletter of world’s leading online greetings site, is a friend, philosopher and guide. He loves to observe people, cultures and life closely. Romantic at his heart he is an avid reader and traveler. He is popular as an encyclopedia of global events. He shares ways to make each day a celebration. He loves to share new perspectives on life’s seamless challenges. His newsletter is packed with ways and means to enhance the quality of your life and turn it into a celebration. He believes in affinity and works towards adding value to you and your relationships.

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