The Real Essence Lies In Making It Merry For All

Christmas is the time when the air smells of freshly baked cookies and plum cakes. Every nook and corner of NYC gets decked up. The city is infused with a festive vibe. You can see eyes filled with excitement and hope. Friends, family, food, music- everything that keeps everyone tied together!

I love Christmas for one more reason, this is the time when we all care for others a little more. It evokes a feeling where we want everyone around us to feel the same joy no matter what. The real essence lies in making it merry for everyone.

Alan, our neighbor was bogged down as his sister couldn’t make it here during Christmas. He was missing his family. Mrs. Bradley, Aaliyah, and I were aware of this. We wanted him to be soulful and happy from within.

While none of us had planned anything yet individually each of us had a thoughtful approach to uplift his spirits.

Last evening, Aaliyah gave him a nice painting. I bought amazing games and Mrs. Bradley had baked choco-chip muffins and cookies for him. She had invited him over and dedicated a special song by playing the piano.

Alan’s eyes had gone moist. “Thank you so much, guys! You three are my family away from home,” He had said.

“Yes, we are!” We all replied. It was a priceless feeling to see Alan so happy. Its ripple effect resulted in a night full of endless banter and amazing food.

Listening to carols, praying for all, eating the food cooked with love, exchanging merry wishes, attending parties, indulging in revelry, and most importantly ensuring that everyone around is genuinely happy – that’s what Christmas is all about! No wonder, we are always looking forward to it!

Let me know how you feel about Christmas!


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