Being Good For Secret Santa!

We were all at my place singing Christmas carols and relishing the delicious menu. Honey glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, Turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, fruit cake, and gingerbread cookies.

Kate’s niece, Jane was here too. She suddenly whispered something in Kate’s ears and Kate got up and said, “Okay guys. I will have to drop Jane and then come back”.

“But, why are you dropping her home now?” I asked. “Well, she says that she will be a good kid and help her mom in making dinner. That will make Santa happy and she will be showered with gifts!” Replied Kate.

“Is that the reason you want to be home?” I asked Kate. “Yes, uncle Bob. I want to help my mom and make both her and Santa happy!” She replied. We all smiled at her honesty and innocence. Just when they left I had a thought.

“So, if you guys had a chance to give up one bad habit and be good again in Santa’s eyes, what would that be?” I asked. Everyone got busy thinking for a while and then each started answering.

“I would try to use my phone less and concentrate on other productive activities,” answered Donna.

“I would quit smoking,” replied Adrian.

“I would stop skipping my breakfast,” said Steve.

“I would try not messing my work station and be a bit more organized,” said Fred.

“I would try to give up on my midnight dessert cravings,” Answered Aaliyah.

There was so much laughter after each answer. Everyone had answered and then it was my turn!

“What about you, Bob?” Asked Fred.

“I would try not to spend my money on impulse buying and save instead,” I answered.

“It was fun doing this, Bob!” Said Donna.

“So, can we try to give up these bad habits till next Christmas? This will help us to bring things back on the right track. And if we can do this then we will be each other’s secret Santa next year and give special gifts!” I suggested.

Everyone looked happy! “Yes, we are ready! Let’s do this!” Everyone said aloud and then we got back to singing and munching.

This was how I initiated to keep up with the good habits. And, all of us are now infused with more enthusiasm. It was a great start to our Christmas celebration!

Share your Christmas plans! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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