Reminding Ourselves Of The Blessings This Holiday Thank You

How often do we take a moment to thank the blessings that are around us? Not very often, I tell you! I was at Alan’s place last evening playing PlayStation. Alan was a little off.

I noticed that there was a gift lying on the table which he had not unwrapped yet.

“What happened? You seem a little upset!” I said and paused the game.

“My sister was supposed to come here for a few days but she canceled it at the last moment for some personal reasons and now she thinks that sending a gift will make me fine! Well, it doesn’t work that way!” He answered.

“Alan, I know you were looking forward to this. But, I am sure she had reasons for not being able to make it. Did you ask her what was it?” I said.

“No, I simply got mad at her so I did not ask!” he replied.

“Well do you realize that though she could not be here, yet she did try to make you feel special by sending across a gift with her personal touch? Why are you overlooking this and focusing on the fact that she could not come?” I asked.

He was quiet. “Then what should I do?” He asked.

“Talk to her! It’s Holiday Thank You and we must take a moment to feel thankful for all the blessings in our lives. That includes our loved ones who fill our lives with love and warmth!” I replied.

“Yes, you are right! I should call her back and talk. I should also be compassionate and reciprocate the same way,” He expressed.

“Yes, do that!” I said with a smile.

Right after this, Alan immediately called her sister to express his gratitude and love.

It’s quite natural to get upset with our loved ones when our plans get canceled. Upsetting emotions and thoughts surpass every good reason. However, we must be aware of the other person’s situation and try not to misunderstand. We must remind ourselves how blessed we are and look at things through the lens of gratitude.

This Holiday Thank You let your loved ones know how glad you are to have them in your life!

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