Continue Spreading Love With Festive Season

I was enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning when I got a call from Adrian, “Bob, I will be there in 30. Remember, it’s festive season and we have to go shopping? My aunts will be here in two days,” He said.

“Yes, I remember! I am just about to get ready!” I replied and hung up.

While getting ready, I had a flashback. Back in my college days, once Adrian and I had a huge fight over a petty issue  but both of us were equally hurt. That fight prevented us from talking for two years.

While wishes were floating for the holidays I started missing him and our good old times. Someone had to break the ice and I decided to do that!

I was hesitant as I feared that he wouldn’t answer my call or would behave coldly. What if he was not willing to resolve? What if he says anything hurtful again? Thoughts like these crossed my mind! But finally, when I called and he heard my voice he said, “What took you so long to call me and talk?”

I was overjoyed to hear this. He too was missing me and eagerly waiting for us to start afresh!

We both apologized to each other and decided to forget the past and move on.

Valuing bonds and relationships over any fight or misunderstanding is a way of growing up. It also shows how much that person means to us. Taking the initiative may make us overthink or feel hesitant at first. However, it is surely going to make things happier in the long run! With festive greetings, start afresh and continue spreading love.

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