Sowing Right This Easter

A cool evening breeze was blowing over NYC. Enjoying my cold coffee, I was making plans for Easter. The doorbell rang. I opened the door. It was Aaliyah. We hugged! Sitting on the couch, she took a sip of my cold coffee.

“I had a long day,” she expressed. “But the smile on your face tells me that you had a long yet a happy day,” I replied.

“You are right! I had a beautiful experience today. Quite unexpected,” she said smiling at me. “What was it? Tell me!” I asked.

“I took a cab to work. On reaching, I realized that I had forgotten both my phone and wallet. I had no ways to make the payment. I also had no time to borrow and pay him as I was running late,” she said. “Then?” I asked.

“I told him what was wrong! I asked for his contact details to pay him once I reached home in the evening,” she replied. “So is he coming? When are you paying?” I asked.

“Bob, he refused to give his contact details,” she said. “But why?” I asked more impatient than ever.

“Back in college days, during session breaks, I used to teach a few unprivileged kids in the outskirts. The cab driver refused to take any payment stating that I had paid to him years ago with free classes to his son, Stanley. I was dumbfounded. Still, I insisted on paying, but he refused. Wishing me a good day, he left,” she expressed.

I didn’t know what to say! We both looked at each other. After a long pause, I said, “That’s ‘Karma’! See how beautifully it finds us to give back the reward of our good actions,” I expressed. “True! I agree!” she expressed and we left for dinner.

‘Karma’ means actions or deeds. There is a famous proverb that says, ‘As you sow so shall you reap’. ‘Law of Karma’ is based on the divine law of ‘cause and effect’ where an individual is rewarded based on his past thoughts, intentions and actions. Be it good or bad, whatever we give comes back to us manifold. Aligning with our previous actions, we encounter our various experiences in life that affects the future.

From this Easter, start planting the seed of good action in order to have a beautiful and fulfilling life. Happy Easter, everyone!



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