It Will Not Stay Unnoticed

Sitting with Donna in her garden and enjoying the morning sun of NYC, we were waiting for Ethan and Emily. “I wonder why all of a sudden they both are coming here. There was no such plan. I hope they are okay!” expressed Donna.

“Maybe they are missing you,” I replied. “Could be! Once they come, I will know,” she replied. We heard a cab stop by. Both Ethan and Emily came running and hugged Donna. “What happened? All okay?” asked Donna.

“Mom, you have done so much for us. You sacrificed your own joys just to keep us happy. You did it all alone without dad. We can’t thank you enough. We are so fortunate to have you,” expressed Emily.

“The protective cocoon of your love made things so easy for us! How effortlessly you managed both work and personal life. You curtailed on your own desires to provide for us! So selfless you have been!” expressed Ethan.

Donna’s eyes grew moist. “We love you! You mean the world to us. Thanks for your unconditional love, care and concern,” said Emily.

Ethan took out a pretty bracelet and gave it to Donna. “This is from us to you,” he said. Donna hugged both of them tight. She burst into tears saying, “I love you both.”

“Thank you, Uncle Bob for the last minute planning and help,” said Ethan. “Yes, and thank you for always guiding us on the right path,” said Emily.

“What? Bob, you knew all this? You were pretending all this while?” she asked.

I winked with a smile. “Yes! I am guilty. I knew it all. Good Friday is here! The day which we associate with Jesus’s sacrifice for his own children. Ethan and Emily had called me to talk about their longing for you. I thought it was an apt time for them to express all this to you,” I replied.

All three of them thanked me again. Then we had a group hug and went inside.

We are surrounded by loving people who do so much for us. However, consumed by our day to day activities, their sacrifices go unnoticed. We take them for granted! Let us be thankful to them for their relentless love and sacrifice. Express your gratitude to them this Good Friday. Let them know how blessed you feel to have them in your life.


My Good Friday Message Ecard.


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