Laugh Out Loud!

Josh Billings, a researcher from the late 1800s, had put it best when he said, – “There ain’t much fun in medicine, but there’s a heck of a lot of medicine in fun.”  Truly laughter is the best medicine!

Three days back, Aaliyah was upset! It had been months that she didn’t visit her parents. She was feeling nostalgic. Given the current scenario, we couldn’t travel either. I hugged and comforted her. She felt better but was not completely fine.

While she was making notes in her diary, I started to stream the standup gigs of some of the famous comedians. Knowing that she loves my sense of humor too, I played some funny old clips from my college performances.

In about an hour, she was laughing her lungs out. There was a sparkle in her eyes. The chirpiness was back. “My tummy hurts, Bob. The clips are hilarious!” she expressed.

Humor is such a savior, I tell you! I was glad that she was finally laughing.

“I am glad that I could uplift your mood. It feels great to see you finally happy, Aaliyah,” I expressed.

“It helped! The funny videos made me channelize my sad feelings into laughter. I feel much better now,” she replied.

“That is what comedy does to us. Humor Month it is! The therapeutic value of humor is enormous. It helps in dealing with fears, tensions and worries. It relieves stress and boosts our morale. The burnout is healed and we feel better,” I expressed.

“Yes, I agree! The dose of humor uplifts our spirits! It is like a coping mechanism. We feel strengthened and are able to fight chronic ailments too,” replied Aaliyah.

“We need to laugh more often!” I expressed. “True! But as of now you must go and prepare the Sunday brunch,” said Aaliyah. Kong came from the other room and agreed to her order with a ‘woof’. We both laughed again! What a happy Sunday!

Laugh out loud! It is indeed the best medicine. It may not lessen the difficulties but it will definitely give the strength to fight and overcome the challenges. There will be an overall free flow of positive and happy energy.

It’s time to replace the momentary outbursts of anxiety and stress with a heavy dose of humor. Surround yourself with amusing people, read comic content, go for a standup gig, watch funny sitcom and giggle away to glory. Do all of it which makes you laugh and stay happy!


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