Earth Is Healing Now

“O, Wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”― Percy Bysshe Shelley. As Aaliyah read out this line, we both felt the rush of positivity flowing through every vein of our body. Earth Day is here! As the Earth heals and we all stay indoors, motivating ourselves is the best we can do now!

It was Saturday! Both of us were absorbing some Vitamin D in the balcony and re-reading the lines, quotes and passages from our favorite books. Being hopeful is what we have to be now! Aaliyah loves poetry! She feels that in couplets a poet beautifully reveals all the heartfelt complex emotions. Rumi, Keats, Browning, Shelley and Lawrence are some of her favorites. She loves romantic fictions with happy endings!

I, on the other hand, love experimenting. From Shakespeare to Kahlil Gibran, from adventure to suspense, from thriller to spiritual, from fiction to self-motivating books, I read it all. I simply love reading. Books take you to a different world. It is like traveling to some other world amidst the reality.

Stark opposite in our choices of reading, we both have one similarity! Both of us highlight the lines that we connect to. That helps us to quickly go back to that page and paragraph without wasting time and read it again. It’s a happy drill that we follow!

Every book leaves a unique mark on your soul. Some lines simply stay with you forever. Some passages define you. Some make you feel as if you have written it yourself. Some quotes uplift you. Some dialogues change your perspective. Some words make you reflect! Some expressions provoke your thoughts. Some leave you with a feeling of longing for more where you wish it had never ended.

Going back to those old lines feels like solace. Both Aaliyah and I, swear by it!  When the going gets difficult, both of us recharge our souls that way!

Tough times call for self-motivation! No situation arises to make us weak. Rather, it comes to make us resilient. We all are surely going to overcome the global pandemic, COVID-19 soon and be joyous like before.

Till then, let us find different ways to inspire ourselves and one another! Remember, you are not alone in this. Earth is healing! We are all in this together! We will be victorious!

This Earth Day, stay at home and be safe!  Share with me some of the lines from your favorite book that inspires you!


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