Overcome The Fear!

Trick or Treat! It’s time to wear spooky attire and scare everyone away! Halloween is here! Much like every year, this year too we have a long list of things planned for the evening. This time Megan and I are in charge of the decor. We went out to buy the things. Once we were done with shopping we sat at our favorite eating joint.

“Chicken Barbecue pizza and cappuccino!” She ordered. Our food came and we were both enjoying the indulgence when her phone rang.

She saw the name and ignored it. We continued with our banter when once again the phone rang. She disconnected the call this time after which she looked disturbed.

“What is it? Take the call if it’s urgent!” I suggested. She kept her slice of pizza and then took a pause for a few seconds.

“It’s just that I am scared to get attached to this guy with whom I have been having a good time. In the past, whenever I had been attached and things got serious, I was heartbroken. Some had been disloyal and one had abandoned me! Now I’m afraid to give us both a shot!” She expressed.

“Look Megan, I completely understand that you have not had a good experience but it’s time to move on. Just be aware and don’t repeat the same mistakes. I am sure that by now you know what you want and how you want things to work out! Follow your heart’s lead! Autumn is here and it symbolizes that this is the best time to let go of things and not hold yourself back!” I suggested.

“I agree. This fear and past experiences just make me step back! It’s high time I shouldn’t give in to this!” She replied.

“Yes, you have to overcome this fear! Or else, this will come in the way every time whenever you want to look for something concrete,” I expressed.

“Yes, Bob! Thanks for giving me this clarity!” She said.

“You’re welcome! Now talk to him immediately once we leave,” I said and then we continued the rest of the evening with good food and conversations.

It’s not every day that we come across amazing people with whom we have a real connection and bond! So, when we do we must make sure to treasure and keep them! The past is a learning lesson to not repeat the same mistakes. However, it should not come in the way of new beginnings. It’s important to release, heal, and move on. Don’t stay stuck! Don’t let the past hinder any bonds or relationships that can otherwise blossom beautifully. Have a more optimistic approach and start with fresh enthusiasm!


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