It’s Slow, But Steady!

Ethan was here in NYC last week. He surprised all of us with a sudden visit. With flowers and cake for his mother, Donna he was standing downstairs outside the office. The three of us had a group hug and then had some coffee and cookies.

“Uncle Bob, let’s do a boys night!” He suggested! “Okay, let’s do it!” I agreed. Both of us were happy to do so after so many months!

Both Ethan and I have been doing this since he was in college. That’s how he had started opening up to me. Every time he is here, he makes sure that we both have our ‘we time’!

We hit a pub near his place and ordered our drinks with pizza and tacos. “So, how is work going? Tell me!” I asked.

“Work is good. I am enjoying the new project. My input is helping the team and my boss is very happy. But, there is something I’m really unhappy about. And, it keeps on bothering me,” He said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I see my friends really doing much better than me. I mean they are making good money and also reaching new heights very quickly. I feel a little slow in terms of success as compared to them. While I know it’s wrong to compare, somewhere I feel low at times,” He shared.

I sipped my drink and said, “Look, Ethan, the journey is not the same for all of us. Some have it early while some might have to wait a little. Never measure your success with respect to someone else. As long as you are learning and progressing each day, you are successful! Your growth is slow but it’s steady. And, that is a good thing! Appreciate that! And, learn to be patient!” I expressed.

“You are right. Now that I think of it, I do feel that it has been good. I don’t have any reasons to complain if I simply don’t compare,” He answered.

“That’s good! I can assure you that a few years down the line you will be grateful for this slow pace of growth too! Nothing goes unnoticed and it will come back. You keep on doing the good work!” I said.

“Yes, I will!” He replied! “Great! To steady growth! Cheers to that!” I said and we raised a toast.

Then we enjoyed the night having good food, conversation, and grooving to the music.

Success is not overnight! It takes time and is an ongoing process. We have to learn to be patient. The pace and jump are different for different people. Let’s never compare ourselves with others. Let us enjoy this journey and focus on growth. Slow and steady growth doesn’t mean you are lagging behind. It simply means your growth is taking a good time to build a solid foundation.

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