It’s Too Big – Can I Make It Happen?

I was giving Kong a belly rub and enjoying my morning coffee when I got a call. It was Adrian. “Bob, I am coming! I have something big to share!” He said and kept the call. How very typical of Adrian! That’s what he does whenever he has something big to share.

The doorbell rang in 10 minutes! Aaliyah opened the door. “Hey, Adrian! What a surprise! Joining us for breakfast?” She asked.

“Oh yes, I’m hungry!” He replied.

“I’ll serve it! Go, Bob is inside!” She said.

Adrian came and gave me a tight hug. “Bob, I am so happy today. I had to tell you this in person,” He said.

“Tell me! What happened?” I asked.

“So you remember this meeting both May and I had last month with this big client for our firm? They called us last night. We have got the deal!” He said with an ecstatic voice.

“That’s great! Congratulations! I knew you’d do it!” I said.

“Thank you so much, Bob. Having this client on board solves so many problems. I remember how you had motivated me to give a shot at pitching them. I was scared as they were too big for a new business like ours. But, you asked me to work on my limiting beliefs and be optimistic,” He replied.

“See, this is what I exactly tell everyone. Our limiting beliefs prevent us from dreaming big. We feel that we are not enough. But that’s wrong! With the right focus, determination, and consistency we can achieve whatever we want!” I said.

“Yes, I have this as an example now!” He said and then Aaliyah served us breakfast. The rest of the morning we enjoyed having the yummy spread and then watching a nice comedy show episode together.

Imagine not giving a shot at something because we feel it’s too big and then regretting later! Our limiting beliefs hinder our growth and progress. It makes us settle for less without even trying. Whenever you have a doubt and have this question – “It’s too big, can I make it happen?” Answer by saying, “Hey Yes, You can!” There is nothing in this world that one can’t achieve. Just believe and do it!


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