Making It More Memorable This St. Patrick’s Day

It’s time to don the orange beard and flaunt the green attire. St. Patrick’s Day is here! I always look forward to these events as they bring us closer to our loved ones. This year our entire group will be here and that calls for more thoughtful planning. Both Steve and Adrian said, “Bob we have to make it better this time!” “Okay, let’s do that!” We spent two weekends preparing for it. We knew that the only way to do that is by adding unique touches to the celebration.

Traditional Irish Cuisine Feast:

Instead of just wearing green, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by preparing a traditional Irish meal. We will be making dishes like Irish stew, colcannon (mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage), soda bread or even try your hand at making corned beef and cabbage. Sharing these dishes with friends will create an authentic festive and delicious touch.

Irish Cultural Activities:

We will be incorporating Irish culture into our celebration. We will watch Irish movies and Fred and Aaliyah will read out paragraphs from old Irish literature. Megan and Donna are taking Irish dance lessons online. The duet will perform. This way, we will immerse ourselves in the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.

Green-Themed Decorations and Crafts:

We are getting more creative this time with green decorations to transform your space into a festive St. Patrick’s Day haven. Making DIY crafts like shamrock garlands, leprechaun hats, or green-themed center pieces. It is a collaborative effort of all after work and on Sundays. We are also setting up a photo booth with St. Patrick’s Day props for the right click. The more festive and visually appealing your surroundings, the more special the celebration will feel.

The cherry on the top will be our little Jane’s musical performance with Mrs. Bradley. A fun filled evening with loved ones along with these curation will definitely make it more fun! Adding a personal touch and embracing the spirit of Irish culture will make St. Patrick’s Day more special and memorable. Let me know your plans!


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