Life Is Beautiful With The Right One

Yesterday I woke up and freshened up quickly. Aaliyah was out for a run. I knew she would be hungry and would enjoy a good breakfast. I decided to make a nice and healthy breakfast for the two of us and kept it ready on the table with a note. The doorbell rang.

When I opened I saw a bouquet of flowers with a note that read, “To the best partner – Today marks 15 years of our first date! Happy Anniversary!” And behind it was Aaliyah’s smiling face.

I hugged her and she was delighted to see the breakfast spread. “I will look forward to all the breakfasts of my life with you!” She read the note beside her plate and blushed. A perfect start before Romance Day!

Both of us have our ways of surprising and showing affection to each other. We take equal responsibility for each other’s happiness. It’s not just on just special days that we make each other feel loved. Its how on every ordinary day we do little things to make each other feel special. I think that is very important! That has enriched our relationship.

Life is beautiful when you have your beloved with you. You look forward to everything with that one person. Even when things look grim, you know that you have someone to share the ups and downs with. It’s knowing that with that person by your side, you can win over anything. No matter how bad it seems!

Was it always like this? People often ask me if Aaliyah and I were always like this. To them, I say, “No”! Our love, fondness, and friendship grew over time!”

At first, I was smitten and wooed her. Then once she said “Yes”, there was no looking back. The relationship grew over time at its own pace. It took us time to understand and blend in. We did not rush. It was organic. Love, respect, trust, understanding, and a strong sense of commitment made things concrete.

I think that is very important. Letting the relationship blossom over time is essential. And, each couple has their own pace. We miss out on that by imposing expectations in advance. That’s not wise. Let it grow over time!

It may not be sunny always but you have to work at it. It’s not just having fun when things look colorful. Its making each other laugh during the sad days. It’s giving each other hope during the toughest times. Falling in love and continuing to be in love are two different things. The latter needs nurturing. Commitment is not a word, it’s being responsible towards each other. It deepens with time and becomes beautiful.

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