The Journey Is Different For Each One

Last night, I was looking for an old wallet when I came across something precious. A file came out. “Awarded to Bob – for his outstanding performance for the last three months!” The certificate read! It brought a wide smile on Smile Month. This was my first award in my first company. At that time I was doing an engineering job.

I remember how I had come back home with mixed feelings. I was happy to have been recognized but upset for not enjoying my work enough. I always felt that I wasn’t meant for it and that I wasn’t giving my best. The writer in me was somewhere not happy. There was a void. I knew that I was not meant for it.

I wasn’t very confident to do what my heart said and that was to be a writer! I wondered will I stick to something that I didn’t enjoy. Will I stay stuck like many others who refuse to follow their inner calling?

Then that evening while Dad was watching the television I sat beside him. And, then shared everything. “Dad, I’m grateful for being awarded but somehow I don’t feel that happy. I feel that I am doing something that I don’t feel much connected to. I want to do something that I enjoy!” I expressed.

“Then do what you are passionate about! Being authentic to yourself and your work is most important!” He replied.

“But what if I fail? So many haven’t been able to make it!” I said.

“Bob, my son! Everyone’s journey is different! Our passion, hard work, and dedication change the course and open new doors! You will be where you genuinely want yourself to be!” He replied. And, I hugged him tightly. The motivation from my confidante was enough to push me!

The next day I reached out to a few close friends and shared the idea of applying to places as a writer. They all supported me. After three months, one fine Tuesday morning I ended up with this job. That day I was the happiest! I was relieved and couldn’t wait to start this new journey.

If I had thought of stepping back out of fear then I would have missed out on what I am doing today. I would have worked like a dog for something that I did not enjoy! It wouldn’t have been fair to myself or to the job. My dad was right! The journey is different for each one. Others’ journeys should not deter us from taking the leap. We create our lives! It’s all about making choices, giving our best, and trusting the process. I’m glad that I chose to listen to my heart which paved the way for a happy work life!


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