Take That Initiative!

Last evening Aaliyah and I were returning from grocery shopping when we saw Alan sitting alone in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. “Hey Alan, come up! Let’s have cold coffee!” I said. He came up.

Aaliyah made us cold coffee and meanwhile, I ordered pasta. “Here you go!” Said Aaliyah and kept the coffee mugs. Then the three of us had a sip. Alan looked a little disturbed.

“Hey, Alan! How’s the cold brew? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Well, this tastes fantastic  and, yeah. I’m fine. It’s just that all the college friends are planning a reunion. Out of the group, I had a fallout with one of them. His name is Daniel. I’m not sure if I am going to be a part of this! It might be awkward!” He replied.

“But why? You’ll have fun! Go out with them!” I suggested.

“Bob, they are planning the reunion at my place and I am not sure how to invite him. It’s been years since we have talked. None of us took the initiative to make things fine,” He said.

“Then you take the initiative! Life is too short to hold onto past grudges or hurt. Fix it! It doesn’t matter who was wrong or right. All that matters is that you value the bond and are rising above the issue!” I said.

“Yes, I too was stuck once with the same dilemma regarding my best friend. Thanks to Bob’s advice. I made the first move and things are greater than ever before. I am glad and it feels so good!” Expressed Aaliyah.

Alan thought for a while. Then looking at us he said, “You both are right! I should not hold onto the past issues. I will give Daniel a call and fix things. I will also invite him and hope that he will come!” Said Alan.

“Great! You’ll not regret it!” I said. The doorbell rang and our pasta was here. The rest of the evening was spent over cold brew, pasta, and a nice comedy movie. A perfect summer evening at home!

It’s not about who will take the initiative. It’s about why am I not doing that. Once we change the approach we can find a solution. Here it’s simple! To be the first one and make the move. That doesn’t mean the other person was right but it just means that we value the other person above such fallout. So, in life, we must be open to taking the initiative!



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