Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day from Editor Bob

Hello there,

Hope you’re doing well. Have you been enjoying the summer? Pretty soon some of us will be going back to college and getting busy. Are you going back to college or school? Are your kids going back to school? I’m looking for disaster ‘back to school’ stories to publish. Check out the 123Greetings Fan Club on Facebook and join the discussion!

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  Prank Night [Aug 8]

Me, I’m really enjoying the summer. Last weekend we went into the woods in Maine. It was great to get out of the city again. I wish I could do it every weekend. It was actually Rick’s idea. He was jonesing for another road trip after the Mother’s Day road trip to get out of town. Steve and I took off from work early on Friday. Rick picked us up and later he picked up Kaitlin, Megan and Irina. And we were off. It was nice to beat the rush hour traffic!

When we got there it was terrific. It was very nice, quiet, in the woods. There was a cabin by the lake. It was like something out of the movies. Well, that’s what I felt like after being stuck in the city. Of course the first thing we did was jump in the lake and have a swim! We were really happy. When the sun started to set, Rick started a fire, Steve took out his guitar and Megan distributed snacks that she made. And I gotta tell you guys, her cooking is actually improving! Maybe the cooking classes are helping after all.

We had a great night. Steve played his guitar and Rick sang his country songs. We sang classic friendship songs like Bill Withers’s “Lean On Me”, “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor, Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and of course The Rembrandts’s “I’ll Be There For You Friend”. It brought memories of when we used to go camping in the summers. There’s something about going back to nature that is so organic. It was really cool to have my friends there. We’ve all been through a lot for the past couple of months and we’re still together!

We also had a cooler filled with beer. Rick kept drinking and drinking, of course. Since he’s not smoking these days, I think he’s drinking a bit more than he used to–if you can call it that. He drank so much that he fell asleep right in the middle of our loud laughter, small talk, and sing-along sessions. I don’t know how this guy fell asleep. I mean, we were really loud. Maybe he got tired from all the driving. Who knows. All of a sudden Kaitlin started smiling, looking at Rick. Megan caught that immediately and asked what she was smiling at. That’s when Kaitlin said, “Let’s pull a prank on Rick.” Steve’s eyes started to glisten and said, “What are you thinking?” Basically, we had one of those rubber mattresses that you have to inflate so we inflated the mattress. We took turns. We didn’t have one of those motors too so it was hard work for a prank. The next thing we had to do was to get Rick’s heavy butt on the mattress. Then we all pushed the mattress towards the lake. And I tell ya, watching Rick float away by the camp fire was a great sight. This was one of our best pranks yet! It was even better than the tramp stamp prank! We laughed and talked some more and slowly fell asleep by the fire.

Next morning we all woke up when Rick started yelling at the top of his lungs. “HEY YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN!” Rick yelled. He had a good morning swim though, and we all jumped in the lake again. We had BBQ for lunch, it was really yummy. We left in the evening and we were all charged-up for Monday. Needless to say, I had a very very good weekend.

Toddler Month [August]

After her grandson recovered, Mrs. Bradley allowed Mike to take him home. She got busy with the flowers for a few days, but time was hanging heavy on her hands. The baby kept her on her toes throughout the day and without him, she had all the time in the world for her roses. Kong, who had a great time too, missed the baby and the fun they had together. One fine morning she got enough of her boredom and made the call. Her son Mike is really sweet towards her. He agreed for little Andrew’s visit to his grandma. Her grandson was back in her lap by the end of the week.

Andrew was very happy to be with his grandma too. This time, however, Mrs. Bradley had more work on her hands. Andrew was just beginning to walk and he was keeping his grandma busy big time. The discovery of walking and toddling about gave him extra energy. He refused to stay rooted in just one place, he moved around continuously with unsteady steps, each time giving the impression that he’s going to fall. This put more stress on Mrs. Bradley who had to run around the house to prevent the child from tripping. When I walked in with Kong the other evening, one such chase sequence was in progress.

As soon as Kong and Andrew saw each other, the two friends made a dash toward each other. I jumped forward as well to run and stop Andrew from hitting the floor. And boy, was he happy to see Kong! Kong’s tail kept wagging like the flag of a rebel. Mrs. Bradley, who was running in from the other room, finally reached us with a broad grin. She looked tired, but very happy. The toddler has done wonders to her spirit and soul.

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  Chinese Valentine’s Day [Aug 7]

Adrian is having a fabulous time with the girl he met on the ‘doggie date’. He took Kong to the dog park and met Cathy. She seems to really like the actor in Adrian. He kept using these cheesy lines from the chick flicks. She had dabbled in a little bit of theater herself. So she knows the moods and passions of an actor. That has shot Adrian through the roof with joy. Nowadays he’s lamenting the fact that Valentine’s Day is not around the corner! I offered to help him and did a little bit of research for my friend to find out what couples do this time of the year when there is no Valentine’s Day that they can look forward to. And I saw an interesting event: Chinese Valentine’s Day. Adrian said, “Yes! Of course, I’ve forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me, Bob.”

I told him to take the opportunity to do something special for his girl. He got cracking immediately. Since Cathy has artistic sensibilities, he’s looking forward to impress her with his creativity at arranging a romantic date. That evening I was down with a bad headache and Kong was not feeling well, too. Adrian came in late at night and I could hear a girl’s voice. I guessed it was Cathy. But I couldn’t stay awake so I slept all night and woke up in the morning. I went into the kitchen and found the two love birds having breakfast.

Adrian made breakfast already–eggs and bacon, my favorite! It was laid out on the table for three. Good boy Adrian! As I came into the room, Kong followed me, lured by the smell of food. Seeing Kong, Cathy got excited and opened her mouth to give out a hearty welcome to Kong. But she checked herself and turned toward Adrian. Adrian was clueless having his breakfast. Then with a mischievous smile, Cathy winked at him and said, “What a funny dog Kong is. He doesn’t sleep with his owner!” Adrian turned pale in a flash and I looked at him, with my jaws open. We were staring at each other like two little kids who were caught stealing cookies. Cathy’s laughter rolled up to the ceiling!

“Ya, I knew he wasn’t your dog. Any dog owner would know. Kong doesn’t behave like he belonged to you, and you don’t really get his signals. If you’ve lived with the dog since it was a pup you’d know what the dog really needs.” She’s a smart cookie, I can tell ya that! “Thing is I have a confession to make, too,” said Cathy. “I saw you in the park the first day when you came and checked the dogs out. Then right after that I saw you the next day. And the first and only thing you did was walk up to me and talk to me, you didn’t care how Kong was reacting to his new dog friends. I wanted to see how far you can keep this whole act.” Of course Adrian and I were both dumbfounded. We had our breakfast in silence as Adrian’s love life hung in the balance…

She left after breakfast, we don’t really know if she’s going to be calling Adrian or not. But one thing is sure, Adrian’s life in the dog park is pretty much over. Stay tuned on this story, I’ll keep you posted…

Gal Pal Friend Circle

Talk about continuing stories, you read what happened between Irina and Kate, right? Well Megan was really bothered that her gal pals are having a fight with each other and she didn’t want the group to break up. So during our little getaway in Maine, she spoke with Irina. Megan told her opinion straight to Irina. That’s another trait I really love about Megan, she’s really straight forward and honest. And she doesn’t do it in a mean way. Irina listened to her points and got what Megan was trying to do. Megan wants the women of the group to stay together. Irina said that she would talk to Kate and mend their friendship. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep you updated on my blog!

Appropriately enough, this week’s Zen quote comes from Dee Paterson from Arizona. She wrote, “Friends are for sharing, giving, and caring. Rare and few, I’ve found a friend in you…” Thanks Dee for sharing your quote with us! I totally agree with Dee too, friends are really rare and few and once a friendship breaks down it’s hard to mend it together again. It’s not just the two people in the friendship that get affected, the entire friend circle gets shaken up, too. That’s what we don’t usually talk about. We hear about just the two people involved but the people watching and knowing what’s happening also get their hearts broken. What about you? Do you have friends that you’ve stopped talking or connecting because they did something? Have you fallen out of a friendship and connected back years later? Let me know and share your stories here.

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Editor, 123Greetings

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30 thoughts on “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day from Editor Bob

  1. Come to think of it Bob, I don’t really have a group of frens I hang out with like u do.Maybe bcos i am married and what we have are family frens whom we meet once in a while at one gathering or the other.I do have frens at work whom I meet practically evryday but I hvnt had frens who have broken away,cld b bcos I dont get too close.
    Back in school I remember having one special fren for each phase of my school life.Funny how they were all chinese.I have lost touch with them all after I left school.We were very close at that time,I remember Rosalind my college fren who helped me by being my postwoman for love letters from my lover,well after, we finished school as I didnt want my conservative parents to know.It was really fun hanging out with her.She even found me a job at the place she was working just so we cld stay together.I wonder what she’s doing now,we have not been in touch for more than 30 years or so!I guess my life entered a different phase wen I got married!
    That’s life, Bob, it goes on no matter what.

  2. you know i allways read your stuff, but this time with the matress was to mean, he was drinking and you guys too, what about if he would have fell in the lake drunk an asleep, do you really think it would have been funny, i love your stories but maybe next time you guys think before you put someones life in danger

  3. Bob —

    Anyway you have the time to create a “cast of characters?” Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering who is whom and how they are connected to you…Just a thought.

    Lisa Kane

  4. I agree with gloria that drinking too much it is danger. You are writer,so if I read it,I will think this is a good hapet when somebody drink

  5. Hi there Friend!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all your wonderful stories.I really enjoy reading them,as it brightens my day.
    I live a lonely life.I mean that my dad is dying of Alzehemers and my girlfriend of 15 years doesnt want me anymore.
    Thanks again,Richard

  6. I love ur history spatially how to spend their weekend time. I love such kind of friendship.
    i wish ……..

  7. Hi there,

    i’m new to your site. but found your writing very interesting made me feel interested.

    i have true story to tell you and those who are having same problem that i had. this story sounds like a joke, but believe me it’s not…
    sometimes ago i had these chipmunks’ lived infront on my tree for free then they made holes in my house, then they digged into my plants, made a mess. every day i had to clean up, i didn’t mean to be mean but i was annoyed, so one day, i bought black pepper and poured it under those holes they made.. suddently i saw bunch of them, one by one ran like crazy and up to the free tree, standing there and staring at me as i stared back. they never came back to that same holes or messed up my plants again. Maybe it will work even better with jalepeno…? you think so?

    well, i better get going.. i’m taking a hahitah .. AW!

    btw — what’s the differences between a chipmunk and a squirrel? i get confused all the time between those two? i’m a very clumsy person. but sometimes my clumsiness helps me think!

    take care
    you’re an awsome writer!
    keep up the great job!
    your new reader!

  8. Hey Bob,
    I’m 15 but i LOVE reading your newsletter every week! and I wanted to share a comment about the friends thing. I’m a sophomore in high school and I just started to hang out with a friend who I’ve known for 8 years! It’s just really wierd that we have all-of-a-sudden started to hang out when we’ve known eachother that long. Now we are best friends and I can tell that we will be for a long time. 🙂 I’m really excited about hanging out with her because she’s really nice and really cool and I love her family! She’s an amazing person and friend and I’m glad we have started to hang out. You are an amazing writeer Bob, keep those newsletters coming!!

  9. My friend Laura and I were extremely close during our childhood years. We did everything together. Later on, when I moved back to Brooklyn, my father used to take me out to see her and I would spend most of my weekends out in Long Island. As we got older, I met someone who took up my time and she did too. So, she came to visit me once in those times. I missed her. I used to always send her Xmas cards and I never heard from her. I believe it was 13 years later, I received an Xmas card from her saying that she was residing in PA for a short time and left her number. I called her and we talked for long periods of time. I even suggested that I take a drive out there to see her after I had invited her to my home a number of times but she never came. She found ways of not getting together and I accepted that the relationship would maybe always be a phone call. When I talk to her, she sounds like she has a number of things going on in her life and that’s okay but just want her to know that I am here. : }

  10. Bob,

    Next time, keep him out of the lake, he may drown. : P My friend Laura and I went our separate ways when I was about 19. I have a bf that took up a lot of my time and she had one as well. So, after spending years of going out to visit her in LI, I just stopped visiting and she came into visit me once. I used to send her a b’day & Xmas card every year and didn’t hear from her until I was around 35. She sent me an Xmas card telling me that she moved to the same state as I and that I should call her and so, I did. We talk on the phone. I have invited her over a number of times and she doesn’t come. I offered to come to her house and she says, when we can make the time. I just say, whenever you are ready and that day never comes. I still love her as a person. We talk on the phone. We shared our whole childhood together and it was great. I will never forget her! If this is what she wants it to be, I guess I accept her in whatever capacity. I love your writing. I think it’s great. So, when can we see a real pix of you so we know who is writing?

  11. Bob-
    I had a pen pal when I was in 7th grade. Carolyn came to New York City in 1974 and we hooked and visited with each other for a good 5 years. In 1979 I had a daughter and we were still writing to each other. She moved back to England and I lost track of her. About 3 years ago she sent a message through Reunion.com unfortunately I didn’t get the message until4 months later and have not been able to find her..She now has 3 children and was living in British Columbia I belive. I truly miss her and wich we could get back intouch.. THings happen that you don’t seem to remember why you stopped communicating… Anyway I miss her dearly.

  12. hii luv read your news letters but i don’t have any friend to coup wit, pls how can i be a fan to you .

  13. Hi Bob

    I would like to share my special friendship with my friend, Rosanna. We had been through thick and thin; let me elaborate more on this statement.

    During weekends, we spent our time shopping, eating and even buy same clothes. Whenever we meet, we would update each other advance what dress we are going to wear. Come to think of it, we are like siamese twins.

    Things changed when she meet her current boyfriend and finally settled down. Sometimes, I do wondered is it true that after you are married, you let go of your best friends and focus attentive to the family. Don’t she need some friends athough she is no another phrase of life.

    We have lost contact for many months; times really flies when you are extremely busy. Counting the days, guess she had already welcomed her bundle of joy.

    Perhaps that’s life we have to take it regardless whether we like it or not.


  14. Bob, I know love can work. My husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary next year. We are still best friends and enjoy spending as much time together as we can.

    It isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work, but I feel we have climbed a hard mountain, made it to the top and are sliding down the other side, hand in hand.

    It is out there. You just have to find the right person and work at it!

  15. Good evening Editor Bob,

    While woke up from a long napie, i found missing words. Missing words can change meanings of thoughts. wouldn’t want that! would i?

    Have a wonderful evening!!!!!
    take care!!!!

    Dear Bob,

    I saw some of your readers shared such … stories. stories that made me laugh and cry too. I believe true friendships will never end or die, especially ones who treat others with true caring,courtesy, respect, and understandING**. Ones who are there for the others at times in need. Sometimes the other people are too busy with their families’ lives because of responsibilities, or what ever reasons, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their friendships. I’m sure they will always pray and care for their true friends, No matter where they’re at. They always want their friends to have happiness and sucess. They pray that their friends will be blessed with abundance of love and luck, always… and always…. and safe AWAY from SADNESS and TROUBLES in life.


    I hope it’s ok to share thoughts in the daylight with sunshine while an eagle not “ego” that soaring with one wing ..

    your reader!

  16. Hello Bob,
    I do have two good friends stop talking caused by ocean apart. We meet only once in the blue moon if they came back to hometown.

    When i was teenager, I have five good friends four girls and one boy. We do have problems but we try to solve its. I don’t remember we shout at each other but i do remember one of the sweet memories. When we had the driving license, we also got low CC motor cycle and our favorite place was the beach. We swim, sing and play with the sand until evening. At school, we are not gangster but we are a bit naughty with good hearted. Until now six of us still remain as a good friends.

    Have a nice day!

  17. Remembering back the time when i first got my “driver lisence”. I took a ride at the speed of 35 on a freeway and Oh dear! while turning to the left i saw “Alpacino” and to the right, i saw “Alien”.. so between “Alpacino” and “Alien”, which was more scary? i thought to myself!

    Yes! i remember the time i was young, we played “bang bang”…. with water gun!

    I got time out for that! the teacher made me sit in one corner for accidently squirting on her face! bang! bang! As i was sitting in one corner, i thought to myself again! and said to myself, ” hey! it’s not fair – as others could play and i couldn’t! not fair!”

    haha! gigglegiglle! jingle !

    happy friendship day!

  18. Dear Bob,

    I saw many of your readers shared about sweet memories about friendships.

    I ould like to share mine.

    When i was young i used to play “hide and seek”. One time i was playing with my best friend, she was so dark, i didn’t realize she was standing behind me. She “boo boo” in back of me and i was almost faint! i felt like turning a round and giving her a nuckle on her forhead! but i didn’t have a heart to do so, so i hit her with a bat instead of a Nuckle!

    that’s what friends are for! (now that’s a joke!) smile! giggle! if you can’t do both than laugh! hee hee! haa haa!

  19. I really like all the greetings of 123greeting .I wish i in future i will get more pictures on our site.and one thing more i want more jokes. and the most importent thing is i just love your site.

  20. Dear Bob! Love is like a flower. It needs sun and water. I believe you touch the very thoughts of your readers and me, such us the “relationship with Cathy” (or cat) and “here’s to you adrian” (or mrs. robinson). Thank you!

  21. your site is like a smile.
    although times it almost made me cry.
    from inspirational stories to jokes that poked my belly off.
    not many can have the talent to make people cry and laugh, so walk like a turtle but move like a rabbit! now that’s not a joke, but it’s an old wise saying! i hope i am not speaking like Jack but please remember that i’m not black!

  22. Dear Bob
    Thanks and thanks for always posting the incredible and lovely ecards for us. Love…is the most wonderful element in this world and I believe many people enjoy love others and being loved by others. Thanks for sharings.

  23. Hi Bob, avhie here from philippines, i really enjoy reading all your newsletter! ive learned so much on this! and i have so much fun seeing all your greetings card! Good luck in everything!! God bless

  24. hey bob. i cant say how thankful i am i got to know you.. i mean about you and about your newsletters. they do a lot for me.
    i recently fell off with my best friend of many many years…we’re both 25 now, and we were friends literally since kindergarten, you know what i’m talking about now? let me just summarize the story..
    so i get late at a pal’s graduation party and decide to spend at my best friend’s place because she stays nearby. i call her to inform her that i was on my way, so that she waits for me. it has obviously never been a problem what time or in what condition i show up at her place. but this time i meet her at the in her boyfriend’s car and she doesn’t stop to talk to me. she doesn’t even come back when we talk on the phone and she confirms that it’s actually me they’ve met. i got the message bob, i think she’s tired. we haven’t talked ever since; i still cant believe her. and guess what, my boyfriend and i are not doing ok either. I think i’m the loneliest woman on earth right now. do you think i should bring it up?
    i don’t need this bob. i really don’t. i need some cheering up.

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