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Hey there!

How are things going at your end? Are all of you guys getting commissions from e-harmony? I had a lot of comments on my last newsletter and EVERYBODY told me to get on there. Thanks for your encouraging words friends, they really cheered me up a lot. I mean this dating thing is hard to tackle at times ya know?

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  True Love Forever Day [Aug 16]

I take lessons from Mrs. Bradley a lot, including learning about love. I feel frustrated looking for ‘the one’, whoever that might be but when I see Mrs. Bradley, I can feel the peace she feels. There can never be an end to true love. The relationship of true lovers extend beyond the boundaries that cut off a mortal being from another. A similar relationship exists between Mrs. Bradley and her deceased husband Jim. Jim died in 2001, but he still breathes through Mrs. Bradley.

Time and fate may have ordained that they could not spend more time in the company of each other and their love, but their love has transcended these limitations. Mrs. Bradley’s zest for life, her sense of security, her peace of mind–all are rooted in the fertile soil of her love. It can never die or decay. When I place this timeless love against the backdrop of today’s times, with a dozen break-ups that take as little as mere seconds, I feel privileged to know about their true love. I’m sorry for all you folks out there who are missing out on true love. I feel I’m missing out on that too, so we’re in the same boat.

Tell A Joke Day [Aug 16]

Our band of friends hung out at Rick’s place the other day for dinner. We gathered around Rick’s table, waiting for him and Kaitlin to come with the food from the kitchen. He invited us (Kaitlin, Adrian, me and Megan) to his place to hang out. We were thinking of saving money and hanging out at someone’s place instead of going out all the time. He was in a good mood and showering jokes on us. Some were funny, some we couldn’t get at all. We consoled ourselves that it was the Texan thing. I recapped to the group about Adrian’s little doggie date adventure. Adrian joined him in the joke-fest as well and soon we were rolling on the floor, cheering a good joke and jeering the one that has fallen on all four. With Rick and Kaitlin in the kitchen, we were taking, what I will term as a ‘joke-break’.

Rick and Kaitlin got the trays in. Rick came in last with the tray of chicken nuggets. While placing it on the table, he said, “I have a good chicken joke up my sleeve! Wanna know it?” We were much enthused at the idea of having the chicken nuggets with a chicken joke! So we were like: “Way to go Rick! We’re all for it!” He made a grand gesture which only he thought was theatrical and asked us: “Why can’t a chicken coop have more than 2 doors?”

We looked at each other, each expecting the other to come up with an answer. Though my mind was blank (that’s the way it is when I have to answer a puzzle!), a couple of answers did come up. Rick shook his head cleverly at every answer. Then he said, “Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan.” You won’t believe me friends, I have never heard such silence after a joke. None of us got it. I don’t think anyone tried to! But Rick loved his own joke and he had never really cared for the effect he has on the people around! He started laughing at his own joke. And you know how laughter is infectious, we all started joining him in laughter. So we put that behind us quickly because the food was superb and he was the host, so what if he just delivered the most pathetic joke on this side of the Hudson. We still love him as a friend and his Tex-Mex cooking!

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  Back To School [Aug-Sep]

Megan Megan Megan! Guess what she did the other day? She came over to my place and tugged me along to a ‘Back To School’ sales! I had no choice (not that I ever had!) and had to come along. I wonder why she didn’t take Leo along. Do you think it’s because she thought he might end up lecturing the kids? Whatever, the point is, I had to go to all these stationery stores which were filled with parents and restless children, busily moving around.

When I entered with Megan, people looked at us. Some of the looks were quite curious. They were probably trying to read if we have come without our children or they are running around somewhere! Children looked at us, trying to figure out what we were doing in their domain without a proper representative belonging to their age, who could justify our presence there. To top it all, Megan got a lot of stuff and she kept piling it all up on me and I was looking bored and ready for the grave. If only I had shown some presence of mind and got Rachael along; that way things would have been much better and a lot less awkward. While all this was going through my mind, Megan was ready to leave! Seeing my curious look she said, “I have a date with Leo.” I was like ‘Wha–‘ I thought we were going to hang out for the evening. I was a bit disappointed but I didn’t say anything, I was just happy that the ‘Back To School’ thing was done.

Friendship Week [Aug 17-23]

It was just a couple of weeks back when I told you about the not-so-pleasant tiff that happened between Irina and Kate (if you missed that story, read it here. When I said that they would make peace soon, I was not too far off the mark. As I learned from Adrian the other day, Kate had a nightmare featuring Irina and a freak accident about her. This alarmed Kate so much that she immediately gave Irina a call and warned her to be careful. Though Adrian dismissed it as superstition and all, I was not really concerned about the nightmare. What I found heart-warming was that Kate could get over the trivial tiff and reach out to a friend whom she thought was in danger.

Irina could see the same spirit too. She didn’t ridicule Kate or anything. She thanked her and apologized to Kate for behaving in a manner that was uncalled for. Kate reciprocated heartily and the two have met over coffee the next evening. Now they have also formed a team to make the arrangements for Kate’s wedding. This is what you call friendship, isn’t it friends?

The quotes are pouring in. Thank you all for the wonderful quotes that have come in. This week’s pick is this short, but very poignant quote by Veronica Chang of The Netherlands. It goes: “There is no space for friendship, as long as people just go for anything through egos.” Very true Veronica and your words have been brought into life by Irina and Kate who got over their egos to protect and nourish their friendship.

I had so many people respond to my call for quotes on Facebook that I wanted to publish them all. Check out my blog to see the other quotes! There are still 2 weeks to go. Keep sending in your favorite friendship quotes through the 123Greetings fan clubs. You will find them on all the major social networks.

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Until next week, same email address same inbox.

Editor, 123Greetings

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22 thoughts on “Hanging on to True Love from Editor Bob

  1. Hi Bob, Your letters are very interesting and inspiring. I do enjoy reading them. I have found with my situation which, I think I’ve written to you about but not in length, that if you are out there looking for your true love and make it your priority the chances are slimmer then if you just let the universe direct you to the love of your life. I have dated before and I am constantly disappointed. I just gave up and decided to enjoy my everyday presence and you know, it’s working. I’m meeting all these fine people by chance and I feel that is when the magic happens. I am 65 yrs. old and I feel like a young chic again! (: I took a walk on the beach one day and came across this crowd of people that actually liked my appearance I guess. They invited me to join them. They had a live band there, lots of food, lots of laughs so I decided why not??? It won’t hurt to join them for a few minutes. Turns out it was hours and I made some great friends that have invited me as part of their circle. Well I certainly didn’t plan on that but look here, somehow this was meant to be. I hit the pot of gold that night. I havn’t found my true love yet but I have increased my social growth and where can that lead someone?? Well whatever happens happens and the universe knows how to handle it and in the meantime I will have fun. After such heartache from my past, I need some excitement and here it is with a good bunch of people that enjoy life to the fullest. A beginning for me in sunny Florida where I’m pretty much alone after being dumped by the man I once felt was my true love. Your Truly

  2. I think the problem with Rick’s chicken joke not “going over” was on the side of the audience and not with the joke itself.

    I laughed out loud when I read it. Must be a Southern-humor thing . . .

  3. Friendship
    Yes we have many friends when we have a lot o money but when you dont have a single penny sometimes our friends will be our enemy.
    True Love

    There is no such word as true love to human beings..just a slip0 of a tongue sayin but above all all TRUE LOVE is the LOVE O GOD to all his children

  4. Dear Editor Bob,

    Thank you for faithfully sending me mails. Always look forward to it It’s so interesting and I love all the E-cards. They are beautiful.Enjoyed going through them.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless!

  5. Bob, I just wanted to say that I am one of the lucky ones that has found true love, my soul mate, at 46. We met by a glance at a department store and began a conversation and have been together for 4 months. We became engaged after 3 months (we just knew) and three weeks later, we found out he has advanced cancer. It is a wonderful & sad story all at the same time. It is so important to live each day like it was your last. Really, people do not understand this concept until your living in it. “Your one and only is out there and you will find her when you least expect her”! Keep praying and looking! Lisa

  6. It was great to read your post on Miss Bradley and her undying love for her late husband. My husband was killed in an accident over 2 years ago, and I still have not managed to get involved with anyone else. I heard a quote in a movie about true love being the big dance and once it ends and your partner leaves the remainder of your time is just a tap dance.

    Starting to date again is one of the hardest things I have ever tried. Best of luck to you and I hope you find your life’s dance partner.


  7. The newsletter is very interesting,especially the one about friendship.If most of us can do away with our ego,the world will great and full of fun and joy.Kudos to Bob for this wonderful edition.

  8. it is an absolute pleasuer to read this e-mail from you Bob.I always liked 123 Greetings and will be sending these greetings all the time and on all the occasions.
    Thanx n waiting for more news

  9. I am sixty-four and I have been with my husband for forty-six years. He is a busy business man but our hearts are always together. There is nothing that can separate us. True love does exist in this world, Bob.

  10. Bob,
    Yes, the relationship of true lovers extend beyond boundaries although there are obstacles to overcome at times. When you have found your true love, hang onto the one. There is no obstacle that could not be overcome.

  11. Hi Bob,
    Mrs. Bradley’s story is very touching. Thank you for sharing your friend’s story with us. I really enjoy the story and wish that everyone could find their true love.

  12. Well, perfect as always…nice and warm.
    I feel confused for these thoughts but “deceased husbands” deserve true love. They never hurt, cheat, ask about dinner…so quiet and loyal!
    Some people have a gift to make everything positive.
    i will, i will, i will read these newsletters, become kinder, more optimistic and then someone will talk and love me too!

  13. Dear Bob,

    I believe you must once have had true love in your life. And for any other reasons, you now are looking for “true love” again, I think best is not to look. When you stop looking that’s when it’s coming; ank that what said in one of your newsletter, but if it ank coming, please do not blame me for being such a clumsy fortune teller, i speak like a child although i’m 79. Keep us readers postsed when you find your dream girl, especially if there is wedding bell ringing! dingle-ling ling ding! please no “ding dong” cuz that will become another meaning = “DUH”…. smile! yes! did i make you smile ??? cheer!

    bless your heart & good luck!

    take care
    your reader

  14. Hi Bob!
    Love your newsletter.
    Know what your talking about on the whole dating thing.
    My parents have been married 49 years. Twentyeight years ago Dad was hospitalized with congestive heart failure along with a heart birth defect. Rough going. Dad asked Mom if she wanted him to replace the engagement ring she lost in a fire. Her response was she’d rather have him than any old ring.
    Now several years later and several hospital stays they are happier than ever. The moral of the story is despite the rough spots, if you remeber each other,to laugh,take the good with the bad you’ll be okay.
    Now that’s true love.
    Thought I’d share.

  15. Thanks god. At last Irina and Kate get back together as a good friend. I believe this is the special gift for Kate’s wedding.

    Peace & Love

  16. Hi Bob!
    I like reading your newsletter since i subscribed ca 2006 or so, it really makes me smile sometimes and let me thinking some others.
    I shared your thoughts about dating and i hope you’ll find that special one for you, just don’t jump in a relationship just because you feel lonely (i did that and it didn’t work) but i’ve learned love first must first grow for ourselves in order to be shared with other
    You’ll get your chance for sure!. Good luck

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